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Accessibility and Digitalization of Government Services (MN0056)



Action Plan: Mongolia Action Plan 2021-2023

Action Plan Cycle: 2021



Lead Institution: Communications and Information Technology Authority (Government Regulatory Agency)

Support Institution(s): Cabinet Secretariat, All Ministries, Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC), Public institutions, Other relevant organizations Accredited organizations, private sector entities

Policy Areas

Access to Information, E-Government, Inclusion, Open Data, People with Disabilities

IRM Review

IRM Report: Mongolia Action Plan Review 2021-2023

Starred: Pending IRM Review

Early Results: Pending IRM Review

Design i

Verifiable: Yes

Relevant to OGP Values: Pending IRM Review

Potential Impact: Pending IRM Review

Implementation i

Completion: Pending IRM Review


Statement of public problem ● Availability, accessibilty, transparency and prompt delivery of government services for individuals and businesses needs improvement. ● Inequality is caused by disparities in the access to digitalized services in remote rural areas and among such groups of population as the disabled people, visually impaired individuals, seniors and herders. ● Organizational structures of public institutions with different functions need streamlining, operational costs and efficiency should be improved.

Commitment description ● Increase the types of services accessible via the “eMongolia” integrated government services system, introduce digital single window services to eliminate bureaucracy, irresponsiveness, procedural delays and other challenges, introduce information dissemination and public notification systems using AI based technology.

Contribution to addressing public problem • Expansion of public services delivered via the “eMongolia” integrated system, targeting 30 new types in 2022 and 20 more in 2023 with user friendly interface. • Identification of types of services with access and delivery problems for individuals and legal entities, their digitalization for easy access • Prompt public notification of available government services and latest decisions • Filing of requests and complaints by citizens with public agencies and officials, and response from the latter are resource-efficient (less wastage of time and paper) • Timely and hassle-free delivery of accurate information on government services to individuals and business enterprises. • Improved accessibility of information through the introduction of iniform standards for public service websites and mobile applications.

Relevance to the OGP values Transparency The commitment is aimed at increasing the scope and quality of open data, and improving its availability and with extended, streamlined and user friendly technologies . . Public participation The commitment will strengthen people’s access to open data on government services and activities which in its turn will be conducive to increased public participation in government’s policy and program decision-making. Government accountability Complaint resolution and application handling online tracking system reveals government bodies operational delays on time which would push the authority to act responsibly.

Additional information • “Vision 2050” Long-Term Development Policy • Government Action Plan for 2020-2024, objective “provide public services promptly, efficiently anf transparently“ • National Development Policy and Guidelines, sectoral and local development plans • [UN] Sustainable Development Goals. Target definition Individuals and companies promtply receive accurate and full information on goernment services and decisions.

Follow-up actions Plan the next stage of the systems upgrade.

Milestones Start date: End date: Increase the types of public services available via the “eMongolia” integrated system, make its interface more user-friendly 2021.12.15 2023.06.15 Streamline Hotline operation to reduce red tape, irresponsiveness, procedural delays and other challenges encountered by inviduals and business entities 2021.12.15 2022.02.15 Develop an AI technology-based integrated platform for prompt delivery of information on public services and tax returns and credits notifications. 2022.02.15 2022.05.15 Improve the 1111 Call Center’s management of incoming queries and complaints on government agency bureacracy and malfeasance, and of the outgoing feedback to further strengthen the transparency and up-to-dateness of the information on government services 2022.05.15 2022.07.15 Monthly reports on the Hotline 1111 information and complaints management delivered to relevant authorities and posted on the Government website 2022.02.15 2023.12.31 Uniform standards for online public services developed and introduced 2022.07.15 2022.09.15 Ongoing activity: Transforming Large Government into Smart Government, and developing citizencentered public service 2022.07.15 2022.09.15


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