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Consulta.Lex (PT0006)



Action Plan: Portugal Action Plan 2018-2020

Action Plan Cycle: 2018

Status: Active


Lead Institution: Cabinet of the Secretary of State of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers

Support Institution(s): CEGER – Entity for Information and Communication Technology

Policy Areas

E-Government, Legislation & Regulation, Legislature, Public Participation

IRM Review

IRM Report: Pending IRM Review

Starred: Pending IRM Review

Early Results: Pending IRM Review

Design i

Verifiable: Pending IRM Review

Relevant to OGP Values: Not Relevant

Potential Impact: Pending IRM Review

Implementation i

Completion: Pending IRM Review


Commitment Start and End Date: September 2018 – October 2019
Lead implementing agency/actor Cabinet of the Secretary of State of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Commitment description
What is the public problem that the commitment will address? The commitment aims to counteract the current withdrawal of citizens from their participation in the legislative process and in decision-making.
What is the commitment? Creation of a portal for legislative public consultations, accessible to all, allowing citizens to participate in the legislative process, through the consultation of legal diplomas and formulation of suggestions, and to accompany the evolution of particular legal diplomas until the final approval phase.
How will the commitment contribute to solve the public problem? This commitment will allow citizens to be more closely involved in decision-making through a single location, accessible to all, where the legal diplomas in preparation or in consultation will be made available. The citizen can create a profile, being notified of all legal diplomas that are placed in public consultation in their areas of interest, and will be able to follow all the respective procedure of preparation and approval in its various phases. In this way, citizens can send their contributions, and become part of the normative procedure, receiving information on changes to the legal diploma, as well as on the assessment of the contributions they have made. Even after the legal diploma has been approved, there is still the possibility for the citizen to have access to relevant information about the contributions sent, receiving feedback on which were welcomed or not.
Why is this commitment relevant to OGP values? - By facilitating the access of citizens and stakeholders to consultation processes, greater Transparency and access to information is ensured;
-By encouraging informed participation, the measure is in line with a greater and better Public Participation;
- Finally, through an electronic process and an improvement of the efficiency in the management of the processes, the use of ICT is guaranteed and a reinforcement of the Digital Inclusion.
Additional information Measure #42 of the SIMPLEX+2018 program
Milestone Activity with a verifiable deliverable Start Date: End Date:
Technological development of the Platform December 2018 March 2019
Launching of the Consulta.Lex webportal April 2019 April 2019
Contact information
Name of responsible person from implementing agency Gonçalo Fabião
Title, Department Advisor in the Cabinet of the Secretary of State of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Email and Phone
91 018 43 64Other Actors Involved State actors involved CEGER – Entity for Information and Communication Technology

CSOs, private sector, multilaterals, working groups