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Regulatory Governance


  1. Starred commitment Public Participation in Road Network Projects

    AF0013, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  2. Starred commitment Opening Data from the National Congress

    AR0045, 2017, Fiscal Openness

  3. Starred commitment Creation of a Mandatory Lobby Registry

    MAD0001, 2017, Lobbying

  4. Starred commitment Strengthening Environmental Democracy

    CL0033, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  5. Starred commitment Improving Access to Legislation

    NZ0010, 2016, Legislation & Regulation

  6. Starred commitment Develop Public Policy with Civil Society

    SK0047, 2015, Civic Space

  7. Starred commitment Develop Criteria for Evaluating Participation in Policymaking

    SK0048, 2015, Public Participation

  8. Starred commitment Increase Transparency in Public Procurement

    FR0004, 2015, Anti-Corruption

  9. Starred commitment Online Collection of Signatures on Referenda

    LV0024, 2015, Public Participation

  10. Starred commitment Improving the Consultation Process with the Interested Public in Legislative Procedures

    HR0020, 2014, Public Participation

  11. Starred commitment Implementation and Monitoring of Lobbying Law.

    CL0030, 2014, Lobbying

  12. Starred commitment Ensuring the Free Online Access to National Legislation

    RO0021, 2014, E-Government

  13. Starred commitment Hold Referenda Arising from the Recommendations of the Constitutional Convention

    IE0010, 2014, Gender

  14. Starred commitment Regulation of Lobbying

    IE0014, 2014, Lobbying

  15. Starred commitment Apply Participatory Policy Making

    SK0012, 2012, Public Participation

  16. Starred commitment Improving the Practice of Consulting the Interested Public in Procedures of Adopting New Laws: Amend Procedural Rules

    HR0009, 2012, Public Participation

  17. Starred commitment Bill Lobby

    CL0015, 2012, Anti-Corruption

  18. Develop online public co-creation workspace

    EE0054, 2020, E-Government

  19. Monitor quality of public participation in drafting public policies and regulations

    RS0044, 2020, Public Participation

  20. Develop and train citizens in using electronic portal for participation in drafting regulations

    RS0045, 2020, Public Participation

  21. Improve traceability of regulatory draft and approval processes

    ES0052, 2020, Public Participation

  22. Increase access to and comprehension of legal knowledge

    ES0088, 2020, Justice

  23. Promote participation of university community in regulatory design processes

    ES0092, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  24. Analyze and simplify regulations on open government

    ES0128, 2020, Local Commitments

  25. Draft and approve law on transparency and right to information

    ES0138, 2020, Open Data

  26. Publish all information related to drafting regulations

    ES0139, 2020, Local Commitments

  27. Encourage active disclosure of government information

    NL0043, 2020, Regulatory Governance

  28. Transparency of the National Congress

    CL0070, 2020, Legislation & Regulation

  29. Make legislative process more transparent and participatory

    LR0043, 2020, Marginalized Communities

  30. Improve capacity to promote public participation in legislative process

    ID0129, 2020, Public Participation

  31. Create forums for dialogue between parliament members and citizens

    ID0132, 2020, Public Participation

  32. Consult Citizens Earlier on Regulations

    PE0102, 2019, Public Participation

  33. Mechanisms for Citizen Participation in the Development of Regulations

    PE0103, 2019, Public Participation

  34. Mechanisms for Citizens to Report Red Tape and Bad Regulations

    PE0104, 2019, Public Participation

  35. Participatory Creation of Regulatory Policy

    DE0023, 2019, Public Participation

  36. National Environmental Policy

    LK0034, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  37. CEDAW Implementation

    LK0035, 2019, Anti-Corruption

  38. CSO Participation in Policymaking

    BA0005, 2019, Public Participation

  39. Open Policy Making

    UK0092, 2019, Public Participation

  40. Innovation in Democracy Programme

    UK0095, 2019, Public Participation

  41. Regulation of Stakeholders

    IT0061, 2019, Lobbying

  42. Citizen Feedback Portal on Draft Laws

    JAL0008, 2019, Anti-Corruption

  43. Open Congress Action Plan

    AR0094, 2019, Public Participation

  44. Portal for Processing Legislative Documents

    AF0018, 2019, Capacity Building

  45. Transparent and Open Administration

    LU0001, 2019, Right to Information

  46. Amend EETT regulation

    GR0082, 2019, Open Data

  47. Report on Public Participation in Lawmaking

    SK0133, 2019, Public Participation

  48. Legislation Materials Portal

    SK0135, 2019, Right to Information

  49. Citizen Engagement Platform

    GE0067, 2018, Public Participation

  50. Economic Governance

    GE0069, 2018, Private Sector

  51. Citizen Engagement Legislation

    GE0073, 2018, Public Participation

  52. Transparent Public Funding System

    GE0077, 2018, Fiscal Openness

  53. Access to Information Law

    UY0108, 2018, Public Participation

  54. Gender Perspective to Access to Information

    UY0109, 2018, Gender

  55. State Web Portal

    UY0110, 2018, Open Data

  56. Your Idea for the Zugdidi Mayor

    GE0085, 2018, Lobbying

  57. I. Gov. Zugdidi

    GE0087, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  58. Promoting and Monitoring SDGs

    GE0089, 2018, Public Participation

  59. Citizen Involvement in Budget

    GE0090, 2018, Fiscal Openness

  60. Technology for Transparency

    GE0091, 2018, Lobbying

  61. Citizen Engagement Center

    GE0092, 2018, Public Participation

  62. Assessment of Anti-Corruption Legislation

    MK0125, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  63. Observatory for Equality and Non-Discrimination

    UY0123, 2018, Gender

  64. Raising Public Awareness About Parliamentary Democracy

    GE0093, 2018, Public Participation

  65. Cybersecurity Strategy

    UY0137, 2018, Private Sector

  66. Legislative Process Evaluation

    LT0029, 2018, Public Participation

  67. Citizen oversight of legislative processes

    MK0143, 2018, Public Participation

  68. Accountability Portals

    HN0060, 2018, Right to Information

  69. Procedure for Public Participation in Public Consultations of MARN

    SV0094, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  70. Open Congressional Data

    HN0067, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  71. Central State Portal

    HR0036, 2018, E-Government

  72. Public Consultations

    HR0037, 2018, Public Participation

  73. e-Democracy

    ME0058, 2018, Public Participation

  74. Allow Citizens to Comment on Draft Legislation

    MO0020, 2018, Public Participation

  75. Improved Business Regulation

    AL0063, 2018, Public Participation

  76. Proactively Publication of Legislative Data and Documents

    MO0021, 2018, Open Data

  77. Administrative Training and Organization

    MO0003, 2018, Records Management

  78. Public Service Framework

    MO0008, 2018, Public Participation

  79. Charaka Portal

    MO0013, 2018, Fiscal Openness

  80. Consultative Process

    MO0014, 2018, Public Participation

  81. Setting up an Electronic Platform for “Citizen Participation”

    MO0015, 2018, Public Participation

  82. Access to Government

    BUE0006, 2018, Justice

  83. Open Legislation

    COT0005, 2018, Gender

  84. Increasing Transparency and Participation in Parliament

    RS0042, 2018, Civic Space

  85. Transparent and Inclusive Policy Making

    EE0048, 2018, Public Participation

  86. Consulta.Lex

    PT0006, 2018, Public Participation

  87. Inclusive Policy-Making

    EE0049, 2018, Public Participation

  88. Access to Administrative and Environmental Information

    PT0007, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  89. Riigikogu Transparency

    EE0050, 2018, Open Data

  90. Collaboratively Build a Policy Proposal on Creating a Record of Real Owners (Final Beneficiaries - BF) Business

    CL0061, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  91. ‘Open by Design’ Pilots

    NL0033, 2018, Open Data

  92. Open Parliament

    NL0035, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  93. Open Data Framework

    TN0037, 2018, Open Data

  94. Citizen Inclusion in Drafting Legislation

    KG0018, 2018, Public Participation

  95. Dialogue Between Legislature and Civil Society

    KG0019, 2018, Private Sector

  96. Citizen Monitoring of Parliament

    KG0020, 2018, Public Participation

  97. Coordination between Parliament and Local Government

    KG0021, 2018, Public Participation

  98. Increase Participation in Legislative Process

    BR0106, 2018, Legislation & Regulation

  99. Online Administrative Services

    TN0047, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  100. Urban and Rural Land Registers

    BR0107, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  101. Access to Civil Service

    TN0048, 2018, Local Commitments

  102. Climate Change Policy Evaluation

    BR0108, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  103. Making New Zealand’S Secondary Legislation Readily Accessible

    NZ0015, 2018, Legislation & Regulation

  104. Public Participation in Policy Development

    NZ0016, 2018, Public Participation

  105. Publishing Budget Law

    RS0028, 2018, Fiscal Openness

  106. Official Information

    NZ0018, 2018, Public Participation

  107. Fiscal Data

    PNG0006, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  108. ePaper

    RS0036, 2018, Legislation & Regulation

  109. e-Notice Board

    RS0037, 2018, Local Commitments

  110. Creation of a City Observatory

    MAD0010, 2018, Public Participation

  111. E-Civic Engagement

    RS0041, 2018, Public Participation

  112. Public Participation

    KE0021, 2018, Fiscal Openness

  113. National Investment Fund Transparency

    RO0057, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  114. Information System, Participatory Communication and Transparency

    SAO0008, 2018, Fiscal Openness

  115. Single Electronic Portal

    KG0006, 2018, Public Participation

  116. Financial and Performance Transparency

    SCO0006, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  117. Open Policy Making and Participation in Service Delivery

    SCO0007, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  118. Public Consultation Reform

    ID0100, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  119. Public Service Accountability

    SCO0009, 2018, Public Participation

  120. Strengthening the Development Councils as a Mechanism for Citizen Participation.

    PY0038, 2018, Fiscal Openness

  121. Improve Public Consultation Mechanisms

    FR0044, 2018, Public Participation

  122. Platform for Submitting Petitions

    AM0044, 2018, Public Participation

  123. Citizen Participation in Reforming Social Security.

    PY0048, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  124. Public-Private Anti-Corruption System

    KR0036, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  125. Real-Name Policy System

    KR0038, 2018, Open Data

  126. Participatory Formulation of a National Policy to Simplify Procedures.

    PY0052, 2018, Open Data

  127. Mechanisms of Transparency and Anticorruption

    PY0054, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  128. Public Law Ethics and Integrity

    PY0055, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  129. Citizen Participation in Policy-Making

    KR0042, 2018, Public Participation

  130. Accountability Manual

    PY0056, 2018, Public Participation

  131. Protagonists Young

    PY0064, 2018, Marginalized Communities

  132. Transparent Governance

    TBI0009, 2018, Public Participation

  133. Develop Mechanisms to Improve Monitoring of Legislative Management

    PY0066, 2018, Sustainable Development Goals

  134. Develop Tools to Improve Access to Legislative Information

    PY0067, 2018, Legislation & Regulation

  135. Promote the Second Phase of the Adaptation Strategy Climate, Through the Model Climate Adaptation (MAC), Participatory and Publishing Open Data.

    GT0086, 2018, Public Service Delivery