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Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana

Public Service-Security (SEK0001)



Action Plan: Sekondi-Takoradi Action Plan 2018-2020, Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana Action Plan

Action Plan Cycle: 2017

Status: Inactive


Lead Institution: Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly

Support Institution(s): Metropolitan Works Engineer, Ghana Police Service, Community Development Officer, ECG, Sub Metropolitan District Council Administers; Institution: STMA-CSUF (Lead CS) Designation: Administrative and Project Manager Name: Mr. Aziz Mahmoud Telephone:+233209056647 E-mail: Ghana Federation of the Urban Poor, FoN, Radio 360, GNA

Policy Areas

Capacity Building, E-Government, Public Participation, Public Service Delivery, Security, Subnational

IRM Review

IRM Report: NR

Starred: Pending IRM Review

Early Results: NR

Design i

Verifiable: NR

Relevant to OGP Values: NR

Potential Impact: NR

Implementation i

Completion: NR


Issue to be addressed: Generate a government-supported, community-led watch system to elevate safety across the metropolis. The STMA would partner with the Police and some key stakeholders (Traditional leaders, Assembly members etc) to undertake community mapping, form, train and equip community members who wish to volunteer to raise security levels across the Metropolis. This would go hand-in-hand with the provision of street lights by the Assembly to illuminate streets and other accesses as well as create night-time visibility to prevent the creation of havens for miscreants. Primary objective: Night-time insecurity is a key challenge facing most communities in the Metropolis. The situation is further compounded by inadequate distribution of street lights across the Metropolis which creates safe havens for miscreants to perpetrate crime. To curb this situation, some communities, through their own initiatives have formed volunteer groups to combat crime. However, these community volunteer groups do not have government support to enhance their activities. Short description: To bring together key stakeholders to elevate safety across the Metropolis. OGP challenge: Through a consultative process that encourages citizen participation in decision-making and action; the Local Authority, Civil Society and other governmental agencies will partner and foster synergies that would help achieve the desired outcome of elevating security across the Metropolis. Civic participation that would in the long-run encourage a sense of involvement in and commitment to a security intervention would be achieved. Thus, sustainability of the commitment would be attained since communities would be involved in the design and implementation of the project. Existing technology feedback platforms, including a police- managed whatsapp may be used to build relationships among community watch groups, the Assembly, Traditional Leaders, Assembly members and the Police to promote safety across the Metropolis.

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