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Local Roundup | June 2023

Here’s our monthly roundup of updates from the OGP Local community for June 2023.

  • Anloga District, Ghana, delivered its 2023-2024 action plan with commitments related to natural resources management, public service delivery, and inclusion. 
  • Abuja, Nigeria began implementing its second action plan focused on fiscal openness. Learn more about how they co-created this plan here
  • Sarchi, Costa Rica delivered its first action plan with commitments on digital governance and civic space.
  • Kaduna State, Nigeria and civil society organizations are discussing targets and milestones for their third action plan.
  • As the OGP Summit approaches, West Sumbawa District, Indonesia is accelerating the implementation of their commitment to revitalize the Posyandu (integrated service posts) into centers for service, empowerment, and development for the community. 
  • Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas, Ecuador is co-creating their second action plan and held a thematic roundtable about preservation of the ancestral and cultural heritage of the Tsachila nation.
  • While Santa Catarina State, Brazil is co-creating their second action plan, the State’s Comptroller General revealed that 63% of initiatives involve the use of technology, including websites, applications and computerization of services.
  • Chihuahua, Mexico held a session called “What’s up with Open Government?” where perspectives of open government at the state and global level were shared.
  • OGP Local members in Brazil are working to offer councilors and municipal employees innovative training for a better performance of parliamentary activities and strengthening the open government ecosystem.
  • Peñalolén, Chile, held the first Open Government Action Plan Awareness Day. Watch the recording
  • Rosario, Argentina, presented its local climate action plan monitoring system, a fundamental element to address climate change and to allow citizens to monitor public policies. 
  • In the past months and after presenting their action plan with the community, Maipu, Chile organized different workshops with the objective of broadening and strengthening the base of the municipal team and civil society involved in the open government plan.
  • Bogota, Colombia hosted the Smart City Expo 2023 promoted by Fira Barcelona International to discuss urban agendas in collaboration with experts.
  • The City of Hamburg, Germany participated in the event organized by transparency International Germany and shared its experiences so far concerning the application process, co-creating an action plan and starting the implementation of the commitments.
  • Scotland, UK launched the Right Way Hub to support the right for young people to have their views heard on matters that affect them & for those views to be taken seriously.
  • Madrid, Spain will be hosting the 10th Novagob congress, focused on public sector innovation. 
  • People Powered, launched an accelerator program to kickstart initiatives focused on public participation to mitigate or manage climate change, and more just and equitable policies for the digital world. Apply here or register for the orientation webinar on June 27.


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