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Local Roundup | May 2023

Here’s our monthly roundup of updates from the OGP Local community for May 2023.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina, held the second meeting of the OGP Local Circle on Climate Action and presented the Declaration of Buenos Aires with the other signing cities. Watch a summary of Buenos Aires’ Open Gov Week activities.
  • Bogotá, Colombia shared lessons learned and challenges from their action plan as part of their agenda for the Open Gov Week.
  • Yerevan, Armenia, organized a flash mob to encourage citizens to participate in public discussions, express their opinions, make proposals, and be informed.
  • Banská Bystrica, Slovakia held a conference to discuss how to involve citizens in the design and implementation of territorial strategies in the context of EU cohesion policy.
  • Beni Mellal Khenifra Region, Moroccopresented the results of public consultations focused on women, young people, people with special needs, the private sector, and cooperative rural organizations.
  • The Council of Europe and the Association of Ukrainian Cities organized the Open Government Week Marathon where Ukrainian local authorities presented good practices in open government on themes like youth participation for sustainable recovery, and non-discriminatory practices applied at the local level through the facilitation of civic hubs.
  • Sao PauloOsasco, Santa Catarina, and Contagem, participated in Brazil’s five-day celebration Open Gov Week. View all recordings here.
  • Sarchí, Curridabat, and Cartagena de Indias discussed their experiences of open municipalities with  Costa Rica’s online conversation: “Local OGP, experiences of open municipalities”.
  • The State of Nuevo Leon, and the municipalities of Chihuahua, Jalisco, Monterrey, and San Pedro Garza García participated in Mexico’s interlocal meeting of open governments. Watch the recording.
  • Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Ecuador held the event “Resilient women promoting an open and participatory government” where seven panelists shared their experiences.
  • Corrientes, Argentina awarded the winners of the contest Data Corrientes “Visualizing My City”.
  • The city of Córdoba, Argentina, shared its open government experience at the International Congress of Citizen Participation.
  • REDLAD and the Citizen Forum of the Americas collected ideas from civil society on conservation and environmental issuesinclusion, and mobility for the city of  Bogotá, Colombia.
  • Chepo, Panama organized a consultation with the citizens of the community of Chepo, Cabecera to discuss their needs as part of the co-creation of their first OGP action plan.
  • Armavir, Armenia discussed how to  raise awareness of open government values, as well as the progress made in implementing the municipality’s commitments.
  • Asturias, Aragon, Basque Country, Catalonia, Madrid, and the Valencian Community stand out in the Spanish report on Spain’s Open Gov Week activities.
  • Twaweza summarized the feedback received from citizens on public participation in Nandi and Vigiga, Kenya with this illustration.
  • OGP Local shared at UCLG’s Future Envisioning Exercises how the principles of open government can provide solutions to improve communications between government and citizens and the implementation of policies and processes.



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