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Open Government Partnership Rescinds Trinidad and Tobago’s Membership

The Country Remained in Inactive Status for over a Year, Loses OGP Member Status.


Washington, D.C. – The Open Government Partnership (OGP) has announced that Trinidad and Tobago will no longer be considered an OGP participating country effective 6 December 2019. 

This decision follows a resolution unanimously endorsed by the OGP Steering Committee to designate Trinidad and Tobago as inactive in OGP in 2018 due to failure to deliver an action plan since 2016 and called for the government of Trinidad and Tobago to take steps to re-engage in OGP by developing a national action plan with broad civil society participation. 

In line with the OGP Articles of Governance and given that the country remained inactive for 12 months without re-engaging in OGP, the Steering Committee has ended its inactive status and removed the country from the list of OGP members. A letter indicating this decision has been sent to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago is the fourth country to be placed in inactive status, joining former OGP members Hungary, Turkey, and Tanzania


About OGP

In 2011, government leaders and civil society advocates came together to create a unique partnership—one that combines these powerful forces to promote accountable, responsive and inclusive governance. Seventy-eight countries and a growing number of local governments—representing more than two billion people—along with thousands of civil society organizations are members of the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

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