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Statement of the OGP Civil Society Steering Committee in Support of a Civil Society Window in the World Bank’s IDA 20 Replenishment

Sign the Statement below.

As the Civil Society Steering Committee of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), we have a mandate to represent the interests of the global civil society community around open government. We are tasked with championing and articulating core OGP ideas and values on the global stage, by protecting and promoting the engagement of civil society.

The COVID-19 pandemic has both exposed and exacerbated the challenges faced by civil society around the world. At a moment where civil society advocacy is needed to push for a transparent and accountable COVID-19 response, the global civil society community is facing the twin challenges of declining civic space and reduced funding to support its vital work.

It is with this backdrop that we express our strong support for the World Bank to set aside at least 1% of the IDA 20 replenishment to support independent monitoring by local civil society groups of the full lifecycle of the World Bank’s investments.

This IDA round will finance an unprecedented number of projects designed to help end the COVID-19 pandemic and to stimulate economic recovery. But these investments will be wasted if they are not accompanied by robust monitoring and accountability mechanisms. Civil society at national and international levels has a central role in delivering such oversight in the public interest.

The Bank already recognizes that one of the best ways to ensure accountable delivery is to ensure that beneficiary communities can exercise agency and democratic control over project design, monitoring and implementation. In order to improve democratic accountability in its investments, the Bank has created a framework for “Citizen Engagement”, incorporated “Stakeholder Engagement” requirements into its Environmental and Social Framework, and provided some support to civil society monitoring through its Global Partnership for Social Accountability.

However, without a vibrant, well-resourced civil society, these new spaces remain largely underutilized.  In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, civil society’s role in promoting transparency and accountability in government implementation of recovery programs is crucial.

As vast public resources are flowing to the World Bank’s clients via the Bank, “keeping the receipts” is simply not enough to ensure that these resources actually benefit the people they are meant to serve.  Without public scrutiny of these “receipts,” particularly by well-resourced local civil society organizations, these historic investments in health, education, social protection and infrastructure risk becoming wasteful liabilities that the poor will ultimately have to repay.

A Civil Society Window in the IDA 20 replenishment will provide an important contribution to better accountability in these investments. By setting aside at least 1% of each IDA project budget, we can ensure that sufficient resources exist to support civil society engagement throughout the project cycle and provide oversight  of World Bank resources. This would provide civil society with a stronger support system to advance transparency, accountability, and participation of citizens around the world. We call for this proposal to be given the serious consideration that it deserves.

Endorsed by the Open Government Partnership Civil Society Steering Committee:

  • María Baron, Directorio Legislativo
  • Helen Darbishire, Access Info Europe
  • Aidan Eyakuze, Twaweza
  • Blair Glencorse, Accountability Lab
  • Robin Hodess, The B Team
  • Lysa John, CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation
  • Lucy McTernan, University of York
  • Stephanie Muchai,  International Lawyers’ Project
  • Elisa Peter, Publish What You Pay
  • Delia Ferreira Rubio, Transparency International
  • Zuzana Wienk, Fair Play Alliance
  • Anabel Cruz, Institute for Communication and Development (ICD)
  • Oluseun Onigbinde, BudgIT
  • Brittany Stevens – Integrity Action
  • Derek Thorne, Integrity Action
  • Robert Worthington, Kwantu
  • Arab Watch Coalition
  • Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights
  • Partnership for Transparency
  • Walter Flores/CEGSS
  • Wedyan Association For Society Development
  • Africa Freedom of Information Centre
  • Simavi
  • Siddarthan
  • Timothy Kpeh
  • Magdaleno T. Bargamento – DPI
  • Engineer. Saripalli Surya narayana. B. E., FIE., Consulting Engineer
  • Donald Kasongi/Governance Links
  • Ifeoma Onyebuchi, Public and Private Development Centre(PPDC)
  • Edetaen Ojo, Media Rights Agenda
  • Africa Freedom of Information Centre
  • Md. Amir Khasro
  • Partha S. Kuntal
  • Nkurunziza Joseph/Never Again Rwanda
  • Nkurunziza Joseph/Never Again Rwanda
  • Aidspan
  • Ruth Namara- Africa Freedom of Information Centre
  • Juthika Banerjee
  • Lindsay Alexander, Global Head of Inclusive Governance, CARE International UK
  • Ukana West 2 Community Based Health Initiative
  • Victor Dorawa Koreyo/Abraham’s Children Foundation
  • Henri Christin LINGENDJA, COLLECTIF 24
  • Hyppolite IYUKI, CODHOD
  • Partnership for Transparency Fund Africa
  • Robert Kakuru Byamugisha
  • Partners for Transparency Foundation India
  • CER2EA, eau pour tous
  • Emonyo Yefwe International
  • Africa Health Budget Network
  • Marta Schaaf, Independent Consultant
  • Kristine Yakhama
  • International Friendship Service (IFS)
  • Community of Practitioners in Accountability and Social Action in Health ( COPASAH)
  • Rachel Gogoua, Initiative de la Société Civile pour les Objectifs de Développement Durables en Côte d’Ivoire (ISCODDCI)
  • Youth Agro-Marine Development Association
  • Chris owalla, Director, Community initiative action group Kenya
  • Samirah Faruk/Serendipity Healthcare Foundation
  • International Budget Partnership
  • Courtney Tolmie (Wonderlight)
  • Independent freelancer individual named Hitesh BHATT-india & Ms Jalpa patel from Rajkot Gujarat India.
  • AIHMS-Global
  • Suresh Shah
  • Solidarité de la Famille haïtienne (SOLIFAH)
  • Partnership For Transparency Asia
  • Vikas Samvad Samiti
  • Naripokkho
  • Partnership for Transparency Europe
  • Community Empowerment and Development Centre
  • Haleh Bridi, Partnership for Transparency (PTF)
  • Wurie Mamadu Tamba Barrie – Network AID
  • Organization for Community Civic Engagement (OCCEN)
  • Raquel Aguilera / Jade Sociales
  • Jonathan Fox, Accountability Research Center, American University
  • Transparency in Totality – FollowTaxes
  • Fondation Trahom Etude et Recherche
  • Rob Davidson
  • Datasketch
  • Nikesh Balami, Open Knowledge Nepal
  • Natalia Carfi
  • Mange Ram Adhana President Association for Promotion Sustainable Development
  • Promoting Graassroots Football in Liberia
  • Bijayalalaxmi Rautaray
  • Ovidiu Voicu, Center for Public Innovation
  • Martin Moreci Gomes Doninelli
  • Dr. Kabir Hamisu Kura, Community Development Initiative (CDI).
  • Aniceta C. Baltar, Concerned Citizens of Abra for Good Government, Inc.
  • Jasmina Haynes, Integrity Action
  • Willem Struben, Partnership for Tranparencyncy Europe
  • Daniel Dietrich
  • YOTA – Youth Opportunity & Transformation in Africa
  • National Campaign for Sustainable Development Nepal
  • Thamsanqa Robert Ncube/(UNESCO) United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • Ronald Chikwenhere- Bridging The Gap Botswana
  • Rural infrastructure and human resource development organisation (rihrdo)
  • Marcelo Seijas / Fundación T.E.A. Trabajo, Educación, Ambiente
  • DigitalSENSE Africa
  • Society for Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development (SEEED)
  • Civil Pole For Development And Human Rights
  • Trios Human Development Foundation
  • Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Associate Chamber of Commerce
  • Mr. NABE Kanfiegue the president and founder of Union Syndicale des Agriculteurs
  • Said Essoulami Centre for Media Freedom
  • Public Officials Association
  • Kabengele Guy Dibwe
  • Azeez Tajudeen (Human Environmental and Leadership Prevalent Center (HELP Center for Development)
  • Bareedo Platform
  • Okezie Kelechukwu, Neighbourhood Environment Watch (NEW) Foundation
  • W. Lawrence Yealue, II., Accountability Lab Liberia
  • Karolina Olofsson, The Oslo Center
  • Maria Angélica Oliveira – São Paulo Association of Integrated Social and Environmental Development Projects
  • Zoe Titus
  • Emilia Paulus – ACTION Namibia Coalition
  • Namibia Media Trust
  • Bo Rosenfelt Clausen, Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC)
  • Fundacion Multitudes
  • Christian Aid
  • Robyn Waite
  • Rakesh Rajani
  • Michael Jarvis, Transparency & Accountability Initiative
  • Dr.K.Prabhakar,  Assistant Professor, Centre for Good Governance & Policy Analysis (CGGPA), National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj (NIRDPR), MoRD, GoI
  • Nigeria Network of NGOs
  • Muhammad Sani Kassim – Transparency and Accountability in Totality Initiative
  • Narayan Adhikari, Accountability Lab
  • Eva Sander, Accountability Lab México
  • Abdulbaqi Usman/ Maternal Child Health and HIV AIDS Foundation
  • Accountability Lab Nigeria
  • Center for Peace Education and Community Development Jalingo Taraba State
  • Kaduna youth and community development Volunteers
  • Eneme Development for women progress n initiative
  • Sister Mary Simon Jatutu Memorial Foundation
  • Jaafar Ahmad Magaji, Member technical working group/ Women and Children Health Empowerment Foundation. (WACHEF)
  • Grace Bitrus.Eneme Development for women progress initiative
  • Save life community initiative SLICOM-I
  • Patience Ngati Danjuma / Faith-Alive Vulnerable Fiundation ( FAVF ) TECHNICAL COMMITEE
  • Safe Environment and Community Health Initiative
  • Name: Yoila Samari Raymond Name of org: Tansana Health and Community
  • Integrated Development InitiativeWater Witness International
  • World Vision International
  • Global Health Advocates
  • Education Support Initiative
  • A member of technical working group
  • Pollution Control Association of Liberia
  • AbibiNsroma Foundation
  • Hivos
  • Transparency International
  • Fundamental Human Rights & Rural Development Association FHRRDA
  • Cordaid
  • WaterAid
  • Carlos Fernández /CIIDH
  • The Bretton Woods Project
  • Jessica Samuel, independent advocates for peace and development initiative
  • Malam Sidi Progressive Association

Comments (24)

Gilbert Sendugwa Reply

The World Bank has invested trillions of dollars to fight poverty in high corruption risk environments without ensuring transparent and accountable use of resources. It’s like fetching water with a leaking bucket. No wonder that infant mortality rate is three times higher in World Bank client countries where corruption is high.

Magdaleno Bargamento Reply

How shall civil society take a stand?

NABE Kanfiegue Reply

Civil society good leadership programme will be the key part of all, to engage with government without conflict. It will be important to develop public knowledge, network, self-awareness and to equip them with important skills on which they can draw in their future careers as leaders in their field (approximately 30%) all the time.

Martin Moreci Gomes Doninelli Reply

Creo que esta “conciencia pública” que dijo el colega, debe existir como un estándar para ser vivido como civilización, no solo por individuos que quieren una carrera “pública”, sino una herramienta para la evolución humana desde esta conciencia pública utilizando el pacto. de 1948 (Declaración Universal de Derechos Humanos), ya que la base estructurante de una civilización en Humanización es su convivencia en el Estado y como sociedad en este Estado, buscando el bienestar colectivo y el compromiso civil con la “conciencia pública”. Esto solo se logrará cuando uno esté con el otro en las decisiones y por el bien común presentado como “conciencia pública”.

Saripalli Suryanarayana Reply

Yes, There is a need for the happening and development to be genuinely monitored by the people of concern.

Victor Dorawa Koreyo Reply

On behalf of Abraham’s Children Foundation, I am please to be part of this Sign the Statement of the OGP Civil Society Steering Committee in Support of a Civil Society Window in the World Bank’s IDA 20 Replenish

Robert Kakuru Byamugisha Reply

I am interested in participating as an Organization that promotes good Governance and accountability in Uganda.

MOMO BOUTI Gervais Reply

Je suis un ingénieur en eau et assainissement. Je suis fondateur d’une entreprise sociale CER2EA, eau pour tous

Abdulrazaq Alkali Reply

I am pleased to express my endorsement of the initiative, been a Civil society Co-chair in Kano state open government partnership, one of the sub-national initiative in Nigeria


An important proposal that will help to develop and develop in litigation and work


A cooperação e esforços do Banco Mundial vem ao encontro do Artigo 22 em conjunto com o Artigo 25 da Declaração Universal dos Direitos Humanos. Neste sentido , acredito ser importante que as comunidades estejam envolvidas diretamente nas propostas destes projetos, engajadas a estas melhorias e assim ficando corresponsáveis em rumos de suas vidas.

Thamsanqa Robert Ncube Reply

UNESCO Civil Society
Civil society actors played a major role in the adoption of the UNESCO Convention of the protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions in 2015. Civil society organisations can also influence global debates and processes by actively participating in the meetings of the governing bodies.

Azeez Tajudeen Reply

It is a great pleasure to also be part of this movement.
It pleases us to push every work on accountability forward.

Bulakali Alfred Reply

I am Bulakali Alfred, DRD of Article19 – West Africa. I am pleased to support this statement as member of an organization very engaged in promoting open government in West Africa and committed to hold actors of public services delivery accountable and more transparent. World bank projects in States should obey to that. I am persuaded Civil society as a key player in this global debate can influence the happening of increased transparency in this sector.

Narayan Adhikari Reply

Similar approaches should be applied to regional banks such as ADB.

Joseph Gimba Reply

As a co-chair of OGP(CSO) for Taraba State, North East Nigeria, I completely endorsed this statement in accountability and transparency as we in the C-20 have been insisting.



Grace Bitrus Angyu Reply

As member of d open government partnership,civil society will be pleased to be part of this great work for proper participation in monitoring n accountability

Yoila S. Raymond Reply

This message is truly apt and quite acceptable. I concur.


As Technical committee of OGP in Taraba state, Northeast, Nigeria I strongly endorsed this OGP statement of accountability and transparency for good Governance

Fidelis Nashuka Reply

Fidelis Nashuka. as the secretary of the OGP (SCOs) Taraba State, North-East Nigeria. Endoresed this statement . await for it full implementation.

Mustafa Muhammad Reply

Being one of the members of the Technical Committee of OGP in Taraba State of Nigeria, I feel happy for the recognition accorded to the Civil Society in every development process. Partnership between Government and CSOs as outlined will ensure Transparency and Accountability in service delivery at all levels. I therefore strongly endorse the statement.

Saudatu Hadi Usman Reply

I Saudatu Hadi Usman
A member of technical working group
I concur

Jessica Samuel Reply

Jessica Samuel as the incoming co_chair Taraba state, Nigeria. I strongly endorse the statement and awaits the full implementation of it.

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