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OGP Local Circle on Climate Action image

OGP Local Circle on Climate Action

Credit: Li-An Lim via Unsplash


The OGP Local Circle on Climate Action is a working group that gathers local governments, national governments, civil society, and other organizations willing to step up the game in the climate action agenda by implementing open government principles.

Climate change is an existential threat to us all, it requires action at every level and by every government, organisation and individual, how we deliver decisive action really matters; this working group will seek to support members to develop transformational commitments for their OGP action plans. COP26 in Glasgow highlighted the role of states and nations, but cities produce up to 80% of greenhouse gas emissions, represent almost two-thirds of global energy demand and produce 50% of global waste. For this reason, local governments must be part of the solution to climate change. Local governments can contribute to both mitigation and adaptation efforts as well as achieving national climate targets, for example by disclosing information on issues such as local gas emissions, water usage, or renewable energies and working collaboratively with citizens to assess cities’ environmental impact and evaluate the opportunities at hand to reduce it.

The OGP Local Circle’s aim is to become a space for taking action and working collaboratively so as to adapt and develop inclusive and transparent strategies that, where possible, involve the public effectively.

With a focus on citizen participation, open data and timely accessible public  information, this local circle will address issues such as building resilience, recycling, clean energy, poverty and climate change, and gender and youth. However, other topics can be incorporated per members’ request.


For more information on becoming a participant, please contact Doreen Grove,, or Javier Irigaray,

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