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Co-Creation for Ambitious Action Plans – Request for Expressions of Interest


Request for Expressions of Interest to Facilitate the OGP Co-Creation Process for Ambitious Action Plans

Deadline for Submission: February 10, 2020


The OGP Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) was established by the Open Government Partnership and the World Bank to support World Bank client countries in completing their OGP commitments; broadening the stakeholder base, particularly by leveraging the Bank’s convening power in countries and subnational entities engaged in the OGP; supporting non-OGP countries that are considering participation; deepening the research on results and impact; and increasing the scale and effectiveness of OGP-related Bank operations. The OGP MDTF aims to facilitate participation and co-creation and implementing national or local led commitments with potentially high impact that lead to increasing government transparency, improving accountability and strengthening citizen engagement and government responsiveness. In so doing, the OGP MDTF supports the engagement of civil society and citizens in the policy formulation process and provides an instrument to help achieve open government reform objectives in countries participating in OGP.

In this context, the OGP MDTF aims to strengthen the co-creation process to secure more ambitious commitments in countries developing their OGP Action Plans in 2020. It is seeking the consulting services of a Contractor to facilitate the co-creation process over the course of one year.


The World Bank through the OGP MDTF aims to support OGP members in finding solutions to specific challenges in the co-creation process, in order to:

  1. Improve the design and ambition of Action Plans;
  2. Enhance the quality of engagement and dialogue during Action Plan design;
  3. Strengthen the process for deliberation and prioritization;
  4. Sustain engagement and improve monitoring during implementation of commitments; and
  5. Promote collaboration and coordination among government and civil society in the country and with the OGP MDTF Implementation Team to ensure enhanced results.

The World Bank will hire an organization, or a Contractor or firm, from an OGP country that shows potential for advancing OGP’s strategic priorities. The Contractor will collaborate closely with the OGP Government Point of Contact (POC) and the multi-stakeholder forum (MSF) to facilitate a set of activities suited to address the national context and enhance the country’s efforts to co-create an ambitious action plan. The Contractor will be supported by the OGP MDTF Implementation Team (composed of the World Bank and the OGP Support Unit) in refining their activities to ensure they are designed in a manner to help achieve objectives around improved ambition and enhanced co-creation.

Eligible Countries

Countries eligible for this OGP MDTF award are those that (i) will submit an Action Plan in 2020; (ii) have a multi-stakeholder forum (MSF) as defined by the OGP Support Unit; and (iii) are countries where the World Bank work and provide lending. They are:

  • Armenia, Brazil, Chile, Côte d’Ivoire, Croatia, Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Senegal, Serbia, Tunisia, Ukraine, and Uruguay. (Revised January 29, 2020)

Scope of Work

While the specific activities and outputs will be customized based on the specific challenges identified and the needs of the national context, the Contractor is expected to have the relevant experience and work effectively with government and civil society stakeholders in and outside the OGP multi-stakeholder forum to deliver the activities to support the co-creation of ambitious commitments through a process that meets OGP’s Participation and Co-Creation standards. The scope of work could encompass the following activities to achieve the objectives above:

  • Improve the Design and Ambition of Action Plans
    • Support the development of a co-creation roadmap, planning and design of co-creation activities and develop a Work Plan in conjunction with the OGP POC, the MSF, and the OGP MDTF Implementation Team
    • Facilitate high-level engagement and a series of technical meetings in small groups or larger workshops to deliberate and determine the policy actions or reforms with high potential impact to be included in the Action Plan and build support for the same.
    • Collaborate with experts in and outside of government and provide recommendations to build technically sound commitments.
      • This may include engaging with technical specialists outside the multi-stakeholder forum for specific thematic expertise or process designers and facilitators to help ensure that the design and facilitation of co-creation activities are optimized for meeting objectives.
  • Enhance the Quality of Engagement and Dialogue during Action Plan Design
    • Develop a Stakeholder Map and Engagement Strategy to effectively involve those stakeholders that have an interest and influence in the outcome of the Action Plan with the POC, MSF and OGP MDTF Implementation Team.
    • Strengthen inclusion of relevant and affected underrepresented groups, women’s organizations and organizations representing vulnerable communities local/grassroots actors.
    • As needed, facilitate outreach through meetings and workshops for targeted government, civil society, and other affected or relevant stakeholders, on the benefits and opportunities of open government to broaden coalitions, enhance thematic ambition, secure political buy in, and promote effective implementation of OGP commitments.
    • Develop effective communications and messaging tailored to different thematic and stakeholder groups who are affected by the commitments in the Action Plan to raise awareness and generate interest in open government.
    • Coordinate and collaborate with the POC and other government actors and civil society organizations within the multi-stakeholder forum on the activities related to this award and on the co-creation efforts more broadly so relevant stakeholders are engaged.
  • Strengthen the Process for Deliberation and Prioritization
    • Support and (re)design processes for improving deliberation and prioritization of commitments.
    • Develop a selection criteria for prioritization that takes into account the potential impact of reforms, the country’s National Development Strategy, budgetary considerations, technical capacity and relevance to the open government agenda.
    • Where relevant, facilitate the strengthening of the MSF’s functions and operations to carry out the deliberation and prioritization process.
    • Communicate the selection and prioritization process of the Action Plan to broader stakeholders.
  • Sustain Engagement and Improve Monitoring during Implementation of Commitments
    • Contribute to implementation planning and regular monitoring of the implementation of the Action Plan.
    • Facilitate a process for sustained engagement and monitoring during implementation, including strengthening of institutional arrangements.
    • Develop effective monitoring mechanism with the POC, MSF and OGP MDTF Implementation Team.
  • Promote collaboration and coordination among government and civil society in the country and with the OGP MDTF Implementation Team to ensure enhanced results.
    • Ensure the smooth and successful execution of activities funded by the OGP MDTF, on-time and effective communication and coordination among relevant and affected stakeholders, and constructive collaboration between government and civil society in the MSF and more broadly.
    • Prepare succinct Inception, Progress, Financial, and Final Reports and briefings to inform the World Bank and partners of the progress and results of activities.
    • Actively participate in workshops, webinars, regular meetings, and other OGP MDTF related events with other awardees and the Implementation Team to exchange ideas and experiences, share lessons learned, enhance approaches, and improve outputs and outcomes.
    • Support administration and management of OGP related events in the country including planning, budgeting, logistics, and organizing invitations, travel and hotel reservations.
    • Collaborate with World Bank OGP MDTF team and the country offices to share results, disseminate lessons and connect with a broader network of experts and reformers.

Award Amount and Duration

The period of performance for this requirement will be for one year. Offerors shall provide proposal with amount equal or lesser than USD 60,000 for the one-year period and shall not exceed this value.

To Apply

For full details on how to submit an expression of interest, selection criteria, deliverables of the award, and all other key information please visit the World Bank eConsultant portal

  1. Click here to connect to the World Bank Corporate Procurement website.
  2. Register Your Firm
  3. Find Selection #: 1266532

To Learn More

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