OGP Strategic Refresh and Mid-Term Review

In June 2016 OGP commissioned a mid-term review of its current four-year strategy. The review was carried out by the Development Portfolio Management Group based at the University of Southern California. The report assesses four key areas, a) OGP’s theory of change, b) OGP’s chain of interactions and outcomes, c) rules of the game, and d) structure, organs, and finance. A draft report was submitted to the OGP Steering Committee and Support Unit in early December 2016 and shared with the OGP community ahead of the 2016 Summit. The evaluation team have now incorporated comments and finalized the report. The final review is available here.

Concurrently with the mid-term review of OGP, the OGP Steering Committee agreed that OGP should undergo a “strategic refresh,” building on our existing strategy. This came from an acknowledgement that OGP needs to capitalize on its solid foundation to catapult OGP to deliver transformational impact in the lives of citizens over the next five years. After a lengthy consultation process (including 3 Steering Committee meeting discussions, 1-1 consultations with Steering Committee members and consultations with over 500 civil society leaders through open dialogues), as well as learning from the findings of the mid-term review, the OGP Steering Committee approved the strategic refresh to be implemented starting 2017. The strategic refresh outlines six new directions to bolster OGP's existing strategy and make a stronger push towards transformational impact:

  1. Deepen citizen-centered governance
  2. Broaden collective ownership domestically
  3. Strengthen capacity, coordination and coalitions for implementation
  4. Raise collective ambition globally
  5. Review OGP’s rules of engagement and performance incentives and
  6. Strengthen OGP’s branding and communications.

The full document is available here.