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Current Action Plan

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Kosovo sent the letter of intent to join the OGP in July 2023 and was welcomed by the OGP Steering Committee in August 2023. A recent decision by the OGP Steering Committee created a path for non-universally recognised states to become non-voting members of OGP. While waiting for that opportunity to open, Kosovo worked to meet OGP technical eligibility criteria and pass the Values Check.

At the moment Kosovo is co-creating their first OGP Action Plan. The draft action plan covers all key pillars of open government – transparency, accountability and participation, with commitments on public procurement, on service delivery, on citizens having a say in decision making.

Membership in the United Nations and its Specialized Agencies are governed by the Charter of the United Nations and by the respective specialized agencies. OGP does not possess the authority to recognize either a State or a Government. OGP members that are not universally recognized, as determined by UN membership, are not eligible to run for the OGP Steering Committee or vote in the selection of its members. Participation in OGP does not constitute support and/or recognition of a State’s international status, nor shall it affect the individual position of any OGP participant in this regard.


Point of Contact

Mr. Fidan Kalaja (Point of Contact) Chairman of Open Government Partnership, Kosovo Ministry of Local Governance and Administration
Mr. Elbert Krasniqi (High-level Point of Contact) Minister of Local Governance and Administration

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