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Ania Calderon Photo

Ania Calderon

Managing Director, Data and Society

Ania Calderon is the Managing Director at Data and Society.

Ania previously served a the Executive Director of the Open Data Charter, a collaboration between governments and organizations working to open up data based on a shared set of Principles, whose goal is to embed open data as a central ingredient to achieving better solutions to the most pressing policy challenges of our time. She also previously led the national open data policy in Mexico between 2013-2016, delivering a key presidential mandate on opening up government data in more than 200 public institutions and a network of over 40 cities in Mexico and strengthening open data commitments globally.

Authored Content

Ania at IODC 2016

Faces of Open Government: Ania Calderon

Meet Ania Calderon, the Executive Director of Open Data Charter and a leader in the gender and open government space.


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“Break the Roles” by Breaking Open Pay Data

One way to "break the roles" and minimize the risk of bias and inequity is to increase employers' transparency. Publishing information about pay and broader compensation opens up for examination any disparities that exist between employees of different genders, races and ages.

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