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Joe Powell

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Joe Powell is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Open Government Partnership. He leads OGP’s global engagements, including working with the OGP Steering Committee, OGP Summits and linking OGP with other multilateral processes. He previously worked for the ONE Campaign, where he was managing ONE’s global campaign for increased transparency in the extractive industries. As Senior Policy and Advocacy Manager at ONE, Joe also led global advocacy on the G20 and policy development for the 2013 G8.

Prior to working at ONE Joe launched an online current affairs platform called ‘Uganda Talks’ for the Independent, a weekly East African news magazine, and worked for Action Aid Uganda. He studied at Makerere University. Joe holds a BA from the University of Cambridge

Authored Content

A New Tool for Feminist Foreign Policy

A small but growing number of countries have committed to championing feminist approaches to foreign policy. Sweden, France and Canada, to different degrees, have all pledged in recent years to make gender equality a goal of their international assistance and diplomatic…

Opening Government in a Time of Illiberal Democracy

“The era of liberal democracy is over.” Just a few years ago, this statement would have been hubristic. Today, however, those words from newly re-elected Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban speak to a global context where democracy and openness are…

Soft Launch of the Open Government Partnership Trust Fund

For three years, the Open Government Partnership has been discussing the idea of launching a Trust Fund to provide support to government and civil society reformers in participating countries. Today, in collaboration with the World Bank as host and the…

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