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Poder Ciudadano – Karina Kalpschtrej – Leandro Herrera

Karina Kalpschtrej

Poder Ciudadano

Karina Kalpschtrej is a Sociologist graduated from the University of Buenos Aires and a professor in the Sociology Career at that University. She specializes in methodology and project evaluation and in research and advocacy on public policies with a rights and gender perspective. She was consultant both for national institutions –state and civil society ones– and for international organizations –asWorld Bank, IDB– in human rights, integrity and gender projects . She also worked as Project Director of the Argentine Network for International Cooperation (RACI). Since 2003, she has been linked to Fundación Poder Ciudadano, Argentine chapter of Transparency International, currently being the Director of Institutional Strengthening and responsible for the Gender and Integrity Program of this organization.

Authored Content

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