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Lotte Geunis

Open Parliament Consultant

Lotte joined the Open Government Partnership in 2017 and is based in Brussels. She leads OGP’s parliamentary engagement and supports OGP’s public service delivery work across the Partnership. Lotte also works closely with the Steering Committee’s Civil Society members. Prior to joining OGP, Lotte was a parliamentary advisor at UNDP’s Pacific Office, where she worked with parliaments and political parties on gender equality and civic engagement. Before that, she was the knowledge management coordinator of the AGORA Portal for Parliamentary Development at UNDP Brussels, supporting parliaments in Europe, Africa, the Arab States and Asia-Pacific. Lotte has previously consulted for the World Bank’s programs on energy and environment and holds a research position at the University of Maastricht for Homo’poly, a European project promoting understanding and awareness of homosexuality in schools.

Lotte has a BA in History and Politics from the University of Warwick, an MPhil in Russian and East European Studies from the University of Oxford and a Master in Translation from the University of Leuven.

Lotte can be reached at

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