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Mauricio Mejía

Policy Analyst, Open and Innovative Governments, OECD

Mauricio Mejía is currently a policy analyst for open and innovative governments at the OECD.


After completing my bachelor and master’s degree at Sciences Po Paris on Political Sciences and International Public Policy, I joined the International Chamber of Commerce, where I focus on digital policies and regulations. At Etalab, the French Prime Minister’s task force for open data and open government, I was part of the core organising team of the Open Government Partnership – OGP Summit in Paris, and I contributed to the promotion of France’s strategy on open government and open data as well as its second National Action Plan. As campaign manager for MP Paula Forteza, I oversaw the logistics, program as well as digital engagement strategy. I currently advocate for openness, digital rights, Internet governance and citizen participation at the French Parliament. I teach a course on Digital Democracy at Sciences Po and try to contribute to the political and institutional debate through publications and conferences. I follow international politics as a passion with a specific interest on Mexican and LATAM politics. I have entered the policy and political arena at a complex time for international and national politics. The endangered multilateral system, the democratic challenge, the social polarization and the need for digital policies and rights, motivate me daily to be involved in the solution through building policies and political discourse.

Authored Content

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An Open Regulation to Protect Our Democracies

How can we protect our democracies, our public spaces and our institutions in the digital era? How can we ensure that digital technologies have a positive impact on democracy? Which safeguards should we put in place to build citizen’s trust…

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