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Portrait of Paula Forteza

Paula Forteza

Paula Forteza is a French Member of Parliament representing the French citizens living in Latin America and the Caribbean. After her studies, she worked at the government of Buenos Aires and at Etalab, the open data taskforce of the French government, where she was involved in the organization of the OGP Global Summit. Paula Forteza wants to make digital rights, transparency and citizen participation a priority in the political debate in France. At the beginning of the legislature, Paula was strongly involved in the bill on moralisation of the political life and the Reform of the National Assembly as well. She was chosen by the Parliament’s president as the responsible for the working group on Digital democracy and new forms of citizen participation. She is constantly working to make the National Assembly more modern and open to civil society. For example, she puts her agenda and her expenses on open data and she organizes an open space in her office once a week. As an OGP Champion, she constantly travels to share her experience on implementing the OGP values around the world.

Authored Content

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