Sandra Elena

Job title: rule of law and open government expert

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 12.png   Sandra Elena is a rule of law and open government expert with extensive experience in Latin America and other regions of the world. Since 1990, she has been involved in public sector reform in the following areas: public accountability, transparency, justice sector management, and open government.  Her areas of expertise include qualitative and quantitative research, project management, contract negotiation, and program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.  Sandra has participated in long-term USAID/ WB/ IDB-funded projects in Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guyana, Ecuador, Pakistan, India, and Albania, among others. She is currently the Director of the Justice Program at CIPPEC, a leading think tank in Argentina. In this capacity, she conducts research and provides technical assistance to public institutions on open government, open data and public sector reform.