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Sandra Elena photo

Sandra Elena

Rule of Law Expert

Sandra Elena is a rule of law and open government expert, focused on justice sector reform. She currently leads the open government initiative from the Argentinian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, the Open Justice Program. Since 1990, she has been involved in public sector reform in the following areas: public accountability, transparency, justice sector management, and open government. Prior to holding her current position, she was Director of the Justice Program at CIPPEC, Argentina’s biggest civil society organization and think tank. Sandra has participated in long-term USAID/WB/IDB-funded projects in Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guyana, Ecuador, Pakistan, India, and Albania, among others. She participates in numerous open government and transparency networks. She also coordinates the justice roundtable for the elaboration of Argentina’s National Action Plans within the framework of the Open Government Partnership and is involved in the national report process of the 2030 Agenda’s Sustainable Development Goals. Her latest publication is ‘Open Justice: An Innovation-Driven Agenda for Inclusive Societies’, which can be found here.

Authored Content

Justicia Abierta

Justice For All: Open Justice Moves Forward in Latin America

Governments and judiciaries in Latin America are innovating through the implementation of open government policies in the justice sector.

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