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Data Readiness, Response, Recovery and Reform

COVID-19 has brought to light how gaps in public health-related data hinder pandemic readiness, response, and recovery. These gaps, along with the pre-existing inequalities exacerbated by them, have increased the urgency to shift to demand-driven publication of data and identification of data types needed across different regions and contexts.


Why Shared Narratives Matter More Than Ever

Arguably the most over-used word in public policy is “narrative”. Everyone likes to bandy it about, from politicians and pundits to scholars and therapists. So, do we really need an explanation as to why narrative is also important for public deliberation? The answer is, more than ever.

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Opening up Climate Data

This blog was originally published on the Open Data Charter's Medium page here. If you'd like more information on opening up data for climate action, reach out to Open data adds value to the climate change agenda. After a…


Fiscal Data for Emergency Response: Guide for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many governments to launch emergency spending and tax policy measures to mitigate the impact on the health of their people and economies. GIFT's practical guide helps practitioners identify the datasets and data fields that are required for informed internal decision-making and transparent disclosure of information related to emergency responses.

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Community of Practice on Water and Open Government

The Community of Practice on Water and Open Government brings together water and open government experts from around the world to facilitate knowledge sharing and the development of innovative, cross-sector approaches that leverage transparency, inclusive participation, and accountable decision-making to improve water and sanitation services.

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