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Steering Committee sets out Multilateral Engagement Framework for OGP

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OGP Steering Committee Meeting

Meeting of the Members of the OGP Steering Committee

The OGP Steering Committee has set out a Multilateral Engagement Framework for Multilateral and international organisations to take part in the Open Government Partnership (OGP). In order to take part, organisations need to send a letter of intent, affirming their agreement to OGP principles and the guiding principles for the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM). In presenting the vision on multilateral involvement, UK Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude also confirmed that the next Ministerial Steering Committee will take place in the UK in April, with an expected focus on peer learning and exchanges. In addition, he agreed that governments on the steering committee will stay the same until October 2013 while the next civil society organisation rotation will take place in March 2013. The Ministerial Steering Committee Meeting took place in London on the 4th December where the International Expert Panel was also announced.

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