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What are the most important elements of a strong National Action Plan?

Tim Hughes|

Over the past 18 months, the OGP Civil Society Engagement Team and Involve have been building and testing a new tool for civil society to evaluate their country’s National Action Plan. The main objective of the tool is to equip national civil society in OGP countries with an advocacy tool to help them push for stronger engagement from government and more ambitious action plans.

In 2014, we tested the tool’s process and questions in five pilot countries. Following an evaluation workshop at the beginning of this year, we revised the tool based on what we learnt from the pilots. Over the coming months we’re rolling this new and improved version of the tool out to the latest round of countries delivering their new National Action Plan this year. At the OGP annual global Summit in Mexico (Oct 27-29) we hope to present some preliminary results. 

The next step for the development of the tool is to sharpen the scoring and weighting of the review. Each of the questions seeks to measure an important element of developing a good National Action Plan, but of course not all questions or elements are of equal importance. The tool needs to take this into account, giving added weight to the most critical factors and less weight to the nicer-to-haves.

We need your help to assess the importance of each element of developing a National Action Plan to ensure we’re giving each question the importance it deserves!

Once we have collected feedback from across the OGP civil society community, we will use the findings to devise the scoring for the tool.

Please help us develop the CSO National Action Plan Review Tool by completing this short survey


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