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WRI Environmental Democracy Index ANALYSIS Developed by The Access Initiative (TAI) and the World Resources Institute(WRI), the Environmental Democracy Index (EDI) will be the first comprehensive index designed specifically to measure procedural rights in an environmental context
WRI Global Forest Watch ANALYSIS Global Forest Watch (GFW) is a dynamic online forest monitoring and alert system that empowers people everywhere to better manage forests.
WRI The Governance of Forests Initiative Indicator FRAMEWORK/ STANDARDS The GFI indicator framework seeks to provide a common definition and conceptual framework for understanding the integrity of institutions and processes that govern forests across different country contexts. It is a practical tool for civil society organizations to independently, systematically and comprehensively diagnose strengths and weaknesses of forest governance in their countries, as a basis to advocate for reform.
NRGI Resource Governance Index ANALYSIS The RGI measures the quality of governance in 58 countries. It also assesses the quality of four key governance components: Institutional and Legal Setting; Reporting Practices; Safeguards and Quality Controls; and Enabling Environment. In addition it includes information on three special mechanisms used commonly to govern oil, gas and minerals—state-owned companies, natural resource funds and subnational revenue transfers.
NRGI The Natural Resource Charter FRAMEWORK/ STANDARDS The Natural Resource Charter is a set of principles to guide governments' and societies' use of natural resources so these economic opportunities result in maximum and sustained returns for a country's citizens. It outlines tools and policy options designed to avoid the mismanagement of diminishing natural riches, and ensure their ongoing benefits.
EITI EITI Standard FRAMEWORK/ STANDARDS The EITI Standard is the authoritative source on how countries can implement the EITI. It is the globaltransparency standard for improving governance of natural resources.
Yale Environmental Performance Index ANALYSIS The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) ranks how well countries perform on high-priority environmental issues in two broad policy areas: protection of human health from environmental harm and protection of ecosystems.
WRI Engaging Communities in Extractive and Infrastructure Projects PUBLICATION WRI analyzed existing community engagement standards and guidance, as well as experiences in several high profile projects. Based on this analysis, WRI developed seven Principles for Effective Community Engagement for extractive and infrastructure projects.
Mexico SIAM - Mining Projects Database DATA PORTAL Government agency had a data portal on exploration and extraction projects of mining companies in Mexico – Integral Mining Economy System (SIAM)
Mexico Regulatory Search Engine (Energy) DATA PORTAL Energy Regulatory Commission’s webpage for advanced searches of information, including permits, resolutions, and agreements
Indonesia OneMap Portal DATA PORTAL One Map Indonesia is a portal which integrates all government maps and public service competitions on openness (public has limited access to the portal)
Denmark Legislative requirements for CSR LEGISLATIVE Denmark's reforms to the Danish Financial Statement Act requires that corporations report on  their efforts towards human rights and reducing impacts of climate change
Ghana Petroleum Revenue Management Act 2011 LEGISLATIVE The Legal framework adoted in Ghana to create a transparent and accountable system in reporting petroleum revenues
Transparency and accountability initiative Natural Resource Governance PUBLICATION An extensive review and guide on natural resource governance by the Transparency and Accountability Initiative
NRGI Natural Resource Governance Theory of Change PUBLICATION NRGI's theory of change regarding Natural Resource Governace provides a clear link between the inputs, processes and outcomes related to natural resource governance. It is one of few diagrams that succintly highlights the processes involved.
Anke Fiscger, Lorens Petersen. Christoph Feldkotter, Walter Huppert Sustainable governance of Natural resources and Institutional Change - An Analytical Framework RESEARCH PUBLICATION Presents a conceptual framework for analyzing the governance of natural resource use, as governance is often the primary issue when natural resources are overexploited and degraded. It addresses both spontaneous and active governance, including institutional change induced by development co-operation.