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International Experts Panel

The International Experts Panel (IEP) oversees the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) to safeguard its independence and to ensure consistent application of the IRM methodology and quality research standards in its products. IEP members are selected through an open call for applications or nominations and recommended for appointment by the Criteria and Standards (C&S) Subcommittee of the OGP Steering Committee. The IEP is comprised of up to five experts in the governance field with diverse regional and professional backgrounds.

In its role, the IEP guarantees the independence and quality of IRM products through two main functions:

  1. IRM Governance
    IEP members provide input and support the strategic direction of the IRM and its priorities. Members vet IRM Researchers and External Reviewers for conflicts of interest and participate in performance reviews or hiring process of the IRM Director, as necessary. Members advise and provide input to the Steering Committee and its C&S Subcommittee on issues with direct IRM implications.
  2. IRM Quality Assurance
    IEP members work closely with the IRM Director and IRM team on periodic reviews of IRM products and processes to conduct quality assurance checks. As needed, this also includes reviewing and refining the IRM’s methodology, procedures, guidelines, and policies. Members mentor and support trainings of IRM External Reviewers as needed, as well as IRM Researcher trainings and continuous learning.

In addition, IEP members support IRM strategic communications and dissemination activities to increase uptake of IRM findings. Members may also provide ad-hoc contributions to the OGP Support Unit on matters relevant to their IEP roles or pertaining to IRM findings and participate in global and regional OGP events in their capacity as IEP members.

Quality Assurance Sessions

Quality assurance is an ongoing process to validate and oversee that method, practices, guidelines are consistently applied. It provides the International Experts Panel (IEP) and IRM staff with a systematic approach to identify issues proactively or resolve problems as they arise. The process is conducted through periodic sessions and summaries can be found below.

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