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Fiscal Transparency in Open Government Partnership Countries, and the Implementation of OGP Commitments: An Analysis

This note has been prepared as background for the meeting of the Fiscal Openness Working Group (FOWG) in Mexico City, on 27-29 October 2015. The FOWG is a collaboration between the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Support Unit, the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT), and the Governments of Brazil and the Philippines. The aim of the OGP-GIFT FOWG is to support and promote the implementation of budget and fiscal transparency commitments made by OGP governments (see the glossary for definitions of some key terms relating to budget and fiscal transparency). GIFT is a multi-stakeholder action network established in 2011 that works to advance significant, continuous improvements in fiscal transparency, participation, and accountability in countries around the world. GIFT engages a wide array of stakeholders who are committed to a robust local, national, and international action agenda around its core value proposition.

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