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Independent Reporting Mechanism – Co-Creation Brief

IRM Guidance – Co-Creation Brief (Graphic)

Why is this helpful?

The co-creation brief shares lessons from past action plans and international open government practice to support multi-stakeholder forums and/or governments to co-design high quality, ambitious and feasible action plan commitments.

Who is this for?

The co-creation brief is delivered to a country’s multi-stakeholder forum. It also is shared with OGP Country Support regional teams and other organisational partners who provide support to OGP members.

What is it?

The co-creation brief contains:

  • an examination of recent developments relating to open government policy and practice or in relevant sectors that may create opportunities and/or challenges for future action plans
  • a summary of the evolution and maturity of OGP processes with recommendations and support measures for the upcoming co-creation process to improve inclusivity and effectiveness
  • an analysis of areas of opportunity in the upcoming action plan, which may reference lessons and examples from past commitments, other countries or relevant open government standards, tools, and approaches (for example, ideas for commitments or recommendations for how existing commitments can be built upon, continued, or made more ambitious and impactful)
  • a list of materials and sources consulted, referenced, and cited in the co-creation brief

When does it happen?

The co-creation brief is shared with country stakeholders three months prior to the start of a co-creation process.

How do we do it?

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  • The IRM team drafts the co-creation brief based on analysis from previous IRM action plan reports, comparative international experience, and desk research of relevant data and local context sources. The IRM may seek input from OGP’s Country Support (CS+) team and/ or the national government multi-stakeholder forum if needed.
  • The co-creation brief is reviewed internally for accuracy or clarification as needed by the International Experts Panel (IEP) or IRM researcher. The final co-creation brief is shared with the government and the multi-stakeholder forum.
  • The IRM team is available to engage with governments and multi-stakeholder forums regarding the co-creation brief content and recommendations.
  • The final co-creation brief is published on the country member page on the OGP website.


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