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OGP Research Agenda 2017-2018

OGP is proud to publish its 2017-18 research agenda. This research agenda aims to generate useful tools to directly support reformers in the field while maintaining OGP’s commitment to credible, evidence-based policy.

Section I informs potential researchers of the areas of greatest concern to OGP’s success and help direct their efforts to research those gaps through upcoming calls for proposals and major opportunities for collaboration. It also mentions specific avenues through which the research products will be disseminated to ensure maximum uptake among target audiences.

Research will be executed in two ways:

  • Grants: The Support Unit will offer small grants to organizations to answer a set of questions that align with its strategic focus for the next two years.
  • Convening and agenda setting: The Support Unit and Independent Reporting Mechanism, in collaboration with key partners, will provide opportunities for researchers to contribute to the broader field of understanding and generating knowledge on open government.

We encourage interested think tanks, researchers, and academics to watch for call for proposals or contact us directly at

Sections II, III and IV of the research agenda set out the rationale and method behind developing the research agenda. These sections allow the prospective researcher to understand and leverage existing efforts, and add value to future research work.

For an ever-growing list of research carried out by and for OGP, please see Section V. We hope to add your work to this list soon.


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