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OGP Local Implementation Plan

About This Memo

In May 2019, the OGP Steering Committee unanimously approved the OGP Local Strategy
consisting of the following mutually reinforcing strategic pathways to support open local

  • Supporting national-local collaboration on open government through the OGP national
  • Expanding the membership of the OGP Local Cohort and resdesigning it to make more
  • Developing a stronger knowledge and learning hub for supporting open local
    government and open government in general

The strategy can be found in Annex 1 and the Steering Committee resolution approving the
strategy can be found here.

The Support Unit was tasked with commencing the design phase for implementation, with
oversight from the Steering Committee Taskforce for Local (consisting of the Governments of
Argentina, Canada and South Korea, Robin Hodess, María Baron, and Lucy McTernan) and inputs
from the wider OGP community.

This document provides the implementation plan for the Local strategy and provides information
on the program design for the OGP Local members cohort.


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