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Open Digital: How can OGP support an open government approach to digital government?

This paper informs the OGP Support Unit’s workplan on digital transformation of government. It is not an official OGP strategy document on the topic.

Since its inception in 2011, OGP has harnessed digital technologies to foster open government reforms. Since then, the OGP community has leveraged technology to improve the delivery of public services and government processes, to make governance structures more participatory, and to be more accountable to citizens.

This strategy input paper further explores the roles OGP could play to promote an open government approach to government digital transformation and support the OGP community in the implementation of “open digital” and complements previous work on digital governance. This paper first defines the field of “open digital” and its relationship with adjacent topics, and gives an overview of its current state and challenges. Based on these insights, it suggests four action areas OGP could effectively engage with, and through which formats and with which stakeholders it could do so.


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