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Open Government and Appropriation of Public Policies in Indigenous Communities in San Luis (Argentina)

by Graciela Beatriz Rodríguez Murano

This study analyzes the policies implemented by the Government of San Luis (Argentina) in the period 2006-2013, as regards the Huarpe Guanacache San Luis and Ranquel People indigenous communities, from the theoretical perspective of open government and describes the appropriation of such policies, through the appraisal of the members of the communities involved. It is a descriptive study, done from a qualitative perspective, which develops a study case with two indigenous communities. Twenty semi-structured interviews with the members of the communities were analyzed, as well as three interviews with key informers from the Government: Governor Dr. Alberto Rodríguez Saá (2003-2008 / 2008-2011 / 2015-2019); Chief of the Originary Cultures Program, Mrs. Pascuala Carrizo Guakinchay and veterinary of Ranquel People, Mr. Fernando Ariel Pérez. The indigenous interviewees describe the impacts of these policies in different dimensions of their quality of life.


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