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Papua New Guinea Action Plan 2022-2024 (June)


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Hi OGP team PNG
Good morning
Its me Mr John EZEKIEL founder and director of a registered NGO called PNG Rural Development INC
We work with rural Papua New Guineans since January 2020 in many cross cuttings to cover 80% of our rural populations
On that not it needs all of us to partner and go..Only if our rural people get good information , our country will progress .
They put direct blame on government and do not wanted to contribute in any form of tax or local economy
I also download the work plan 2020-2024 and will see some of the needy area and plot it
We are doing this for the love of our rural people and if you want to join the team please reach us using the email and address given
Thank you

Joelson Anere Reply

This is very interesting and thank you for this initiative.

Joseph Tuman Reply

Interested yo learn more

Aveeno Marefa Reply

Thank you Mr. John Ezekiel for the initiative to Address Rural Development in our beautiful country. I am a young man who shares the passion with you all in the area of Sustainable Rural Development. I am looking forward to working collaborately with you all.

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