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OGP Americas Regional Meeting 2016

The 2016 OGP Regional Americas Meeting was held in the city of Montevideo with approximately 500 participants from government, civil society, the media, and business from 17 countries. This event was co-organized by OGP, AGESIC, the President’s Office of Uruguay and Open Government Network (RGA Uruguay).  We have updated this page to capture the event’s highlights and resources.

¡Se puede leer esta página en español aquí!

Overview video:

2016 OGP Americas Regional Meeting

Keynote speech from Sanjay Pradhan:

It is an extraordinary pleasure for me to be here because the Americas represent the vibrant center – the heart and soul – of OGP.  And this vibrancy comes from the hard work and energy of committed stakeholders who have rallied together to make change happen through OGP.  This conference represents a microcosm of this diverse ecosystem: journalists speaking truth to power, human rights defenders, committed government officials fighting for openness against formidable odds…

So the principal challenge for the region is to raise the collective ambition and transformative power of OGP to collectively tackle the biggest societal challenges, like inequality, grand corruption, youth crime and violence, human rights violations, and failures in service delivery.  These are the harsh realities many of you confront in your countries.  And from what I can tell, OGP has not often delivered on these, but where there is an alignment of stars, of activists and reformers coming together, we have glimpses of what is possible.

Sanjay Pradhan speech at 2016 OGP Americas Regional Meeting


Press Coverage

  • OGP released a press release about the event and a summary of the press coverage.
  • Various Spanish-language sites mentioned the event, including the following headlines:
    • ​”A.L. presenta claroscuros en gobierno abierto a la ciudadanía, según experto”, Terra
    • “Uruguay ocupa el primer lugar en trámites por internet”, El Observador
    • “Expertos internacionales disertarán en Montevideo sobre Gobierno abierto y acceso a la información pública”, Uypress
    • “Fundación Corona expuso en foro latinoamericano sobre Gobierno Abierto, iniciativa Ciudatos”, El Sol Colombia
    • “Gobierno Abierto: transparencia en información del Estado y Rendición de Cuentas mejora gestión”, Presidencia de Uruguay
    • “La Libertad estará presente en Encuentro Regional de Gobierno Abierto en Uruguay”, La Industria Perú
    • “Abierto todo el año”, Portal de Montevideo
    • “#MossackFonsecaPapers, caso de corrupción más evidente”, Crítica Panamá
  • Members of the OGP community even submitted clippings from printed media coverage of the event!

​​​IRM Country Action Plan Fact Sheets

The IRM produced new fact sheets reviewing action plan progress for all the participating governments who attended the event.

You can find them at each country’s OGP Overview page (and stay tuned–we’re developing them for all OGP participating countries!):

And, as always, enjoy the pictures!

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