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Open Response + Open Recovery: Keeping Information and Data out of Lockdown

Everywhere we look, information and data are playing an essential role in the response to the pandemic. It is clear that an effective response that saves lives cannot be achieved without good levels of transparency. In this sense, data sharing between multiple actors and across borders becomes absolutely essential. Good provision of information is also essential to secure public trust, which in turn is necessary for compliance with the measures needed to combat the pandemic.

This crisis has shed light into the need of increasing proactive publication of data, in addition to the need for digitalization of archives. And it has also highlighted the strong nexus between accessing information and making data available in an open format for anyone to use.

In this virtual conversation, OGP, the Open Data Charter, and Access Info addressed some of the challenges that governments have faced when trying to promote transparency during crisis response and draw attention to the current data needs from citizens and civil society.

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