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Seize the Moment: How to Revive the US OGP Process with the New Biden Administration

This event has already occurred. You can watch the recording of the event and other clips from Open Gov Week here.

Read the report here:
Seize the Moment: A Revived US Open Government Partnership Process with the new Biden Administration

The US was a founding member of the Open Government Partnership one decade ago. But in recent years the domestic OGP process stalled, while America retreated from its global leadership role promoting democracy and human rights, and new threats to democracy emerged at home.

What can be done to help restore the US as a leader of democratic values abroad? President Biden has stated that such efforts must be rooted in“leading not by the example of our power, but by the power of our example.”

One meaningful way to achieve this is by reviving the domestic OGP process in the US – which brings together reformers inside and outside of government together to define and implement priority changes to bring about more transparency, accountability and civic participation.

This event served as the launch of a new report that outlines how to get there: Seize the Moment: A Revived US Open Government Partnership Process with the new Biden Administration. This report offers five central recommendations on how to improve the next US OGP process and is based on a series of roundtables with 50 American civil society leaders working on diverse issues (from corruption and good government, to climate and justice reform).

This event was co-hosted by the Open Government Partnership and the Open Gov Hub (an initiative of Global Integrity), as part of Open Gov Week.


  • Joe Powell – Deputy CEO, Open Government Partnership
  • Nada Zohdy – Director, Open Gov Hub
  • Denisse Miranda – Chief, Independent Reporting Mechanism
  • Lisa Rosenberg – Executive Director, Open the Government Coalition
  • Liz Hempowicz – Policy Director, Project on Government Oversight
  • Phillip Ashlock, GSA Technology Transformation Services, U.S. Government
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