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Burkina Faso

Ministry and Public Institution Data in Open Format (BF0011)



Action Plan: Burkina Faso Action Plan 2017-2019

Action Plan Cycle: 2017

Status: Inactive


Lead Institution: Agence Nationale de Promotion des TIC (ANPTIC) (National ICT Promotion Agency)

Support Institution(s): All ministries and public institutions, All civil Society and Private Organizations

Policy Areas

E-Government, Fiscal Transparency, Open Data

IRM Review

IRM Report: Pending IRM Review

Starred: Pending IRM Review

Early Results: Pending IRM Review

Design i

Verifiable: Yes

Relevant to OGP Values: Access to Information

Potential Impact:

Implementation i

Completion: Pending IRM Review


What is the public issue for which the commitment is made to address?: The control of government action is restricted and this is due to difficulties in getting access to public data.; What is thecommitment?: Challenges : • Stimulating innovation and digital business creation ; • Increasing citizen participation ; • Strengthening democracy ; Global Objective : Making public data easily accessible in Burkina Faso Expected outcomes : • 500 set of data are available on the Portal; How will such action contribute towards solving this public issue?: Availability of data will provide means for citizens to control government action and question Authority based on facts.; Why is such commitment relevant in terms of PGO Values?: Access to public data helps to ensure transparency and is a foundation for efficient citizen participation, which are values treasured at PGO.; Additional Information: This commitment builds on a wider public data opening policy existing since 2013.


  1. Sign Protocols of Operations Where Competence Shall Be Transferred to Municipalities and Regions

    BF0001, 2017, Capacity Building

  2. Respect Time Limit Required for Issuing Legal Acts

    BF0002, 2017, Capacity Building

  3. Vulnerable Persons Access to Legal Aid Funds

    BF0003, 2017, Justice

  4. Online Registration for Post-Baccalaureate and Baccalaureate Competitions

    BF0004, 2017, Capacity Building

  5. Registration and Complaints Handling Mechanism

    BF0005, 2017, Capacity Building

  6. Specialized Judicial Areas for Conomic Crimes

    BF0006, 2017, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  7. Citizen Committees to Control Racket in Public Administration

    BF0007, 2017, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  8. Capacities of Disciplinary Committees

    BF0008, 2017, Capacity Building

  9. Virtual Window of Public Administration

    BF0009, 2017, Capacity Building

  10. Right of Access to Public Information and to Administrative Documents

    BF0010, 2017, Legislation & Regulation

  11. Ministry and Public Institution Data in Open Format

    BF0011, 2017, E-Government

  12. Access Information and Citizen Involvement in State Budget

    BF0012, 2017, Capacity Building

  13. Community Dialogue on Local Budget (EDIC)

    BF0013, 2017, Capacity Building