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Combatting All Forms of Discrimination: Trainings for Police Officers for Professional Conduct with LGBT Persons (ME0048)



Action Plan: Not Attached

Action Plan Cycle: 2012

Status: Inactive


Lead Institution: Ministry of Interior

Support Institution(s): Police Directorate

Policy Areas

Capacity Building, Gender, Inclusion, Justice, LGBTQIA+, People with Disabilities, Policing & Corrections

IRM Review

IRM Report: Montenegro IRM Progress Report 2012-2013

Starred: No

Early Results: No IRM Data

Design i

Verifiable: No

Relevant to OGP Values: Not Relevant

Potential Impact:

Implementation i



The National Police will continue to make efforts in the coming period, aimed at contributing to the combat against all forms of discrimination. To that end, the National Police will consistently comply with the principles of cooperation and carry out activities defined in the signed Memorandum of Cooperation with the NGO ‘LGBT Forum Progress’ and NGO ‘Juventas’, as well as the Memoranda of Cooperation to be signed with other non-governmental organisation in the forthcoming period. In order to ensure adequate protection of integrity of LGBT persons, the National Police will undertake additional specific measures aimed at improving required sensibility of police officers for professional conduct with LGBT persons. Furthermore, the National Police will enable to as many as possible police officer from all regional offices, who did not attend training on LGBT rights, to attend informational and educational activities concerning LGBT rights, which will be carried out by relevant institutions, non-governmental organisations and/or international organisations in the next period. The National Police will organise in the coming period educational activities for police officers on conduct with disabled persons in cooperation with organisations of disabled persons, in order to contribute to the protection against discrimination of disabled persons. Moreover, the National Police will initiate activities to free-up public traffic areas used by disabled persons and will adjust the Security Centre in accordance with disabled persons’ needs. In the next period, the National Police will also appoint a contact person for communication with disabled persons and will define procedures for control of passengers and vehicles used by disabled passengers in urban, intercity and trans-border transport.


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