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Implement Legal Frameworks on Public Consulation and Volunteering (MO0043)



Action Plan: Morocco Action Plan 2021-2023

Action Plan Cycle: 2021

Status: Active


Lead Institution: Ministry in charge of Human Rights and the Relations with Parliament – Department of Relations with Parliament

Support Institution(s):

Policy Areas

Civic Space, Freedom of Association, Inclusion, Legislation, Public Participation, Youth

IRM Review

IRM Report: Morocco Action Plan Review 2021-2023

Starred: Pending IRM Review

Early Results: Pending IRM Review

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Verifiable: Yes

Relevant to OGP Values: Pending IRM Review

Potential Impact: Pending IRM Review

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Completion: Pending IRM Review


CHALLENGE The absence of a legal framework on public consultation, for the implementation of articles 12 and 13 of the Moroccan Constitution of 2011, and this legal void leads to a dispersion of the State’s efforts in this field. This also leads to the disparity in the methodology for organizing public consultation activities by public administrations and elected institutions. As a result, civil society organizations are unable to adequately participate in the process of preparation, monitoring and evaluation of decisions, projects and public policies; The absence of a specific legal framework that regulates volunteering in Morocco and that stipulates the rights and obligations of volunteers as well as entities that organize the volunteering work.

PROPOSED SOLUTION 1. Preparation and submission of the draft law on public consultation to the legislative procedure for approval in order to : • ▪Introduce the modalities of participation of civil society organizations and citizens in the preparation, monitoring and evaluation of decisions and public policies through mechanisms of dialogue and consultation • ▪Adopt specific provisions on the rights, commitments and obligations of stakeholders involved in the public consultation process, while specifying the principles and objectives on which the process is based. 2. Preparation and submission of the draft law on contractual volunteering to the legislative procedure for approval in order to: • ▪Regulate contractual volunteering, by specifying the duties of entities organizing the contractual volunteering towards the volunteers, and the commitments of the volunteers towards these entities. Additionally, it should define the process for issuing and terminating a volunteering contract. It should also include provisions for national coordination and international cooperation in the field of contractual volunteering; • Put in place legal provisions to strengthen the effective participation of youth in particular, and citizens in general, in community development, and create a dynamic in favor of volunteer work. It is worth noting that during the year 2020, a large consultation was conducted with many government departments, constitutional institutions and civil society organizations about the draft law on contractual volunteering. The results of these consultancy meetings were collected and analyzed along with international best practices in order to elaborate the first version of the draft law on volunteerism.

EXPECTED RESULTS Encourage the participation of civil society organizations, citizens and social actors in public decision-making. These organizations should be also committed to take into consideration the outcomes of public consultation processes; • Promotion of the practice of public consultation in a transparent, credible, effective and beneficial manner for decision making; • Promotion of the effective participation of citizens in societal development and create a dynamic of support for the consolidation of the contractual volunteer work ; • ▪Encourage citizens to participate in public action, to contribute to the development of intangible capital, to create wealth, and to support public policy priorities in all its dimensions; • ▪Strengthen trust and solidarity among members of society, which will contribute to achieving the sustainable and integrated human development goals; • Encourage young people to volunteer • Open new horizons for large and dynamic volunteering and for community life .

PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Number of consultative events with government departments, public institutions, constitutional institutions and civil society organizations in order to elaborate draft laws on public consultation and volunteering ; • Percentage of recommendations received from the above-mentioned consultative meetings that were included in the two draft laws ; • ▪Approval of the two draft laws by the Secretariat-General of the Government ; • ▪Adoption of the two proposed draft laws by the Council of Government ; • ▪Submission of the two proposed draft laws to the Parliament.

IMPACT INDICATORS Number of organized public consultation operations ; • Rate of public consultation outcomes taken into account ; • Number of volunteering contracts that have been issued.

See action plan for milestone activities.

IRM Midterm Status Summary

Commitment 19. Implement a Legal Framework for Public Consultation and Contractual Volunteering

● Verifiable: Yes

● Does it have an open government lens? Yes

● Potential for results: Modest


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