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North Macedonia

Creation of Open Data Standards (MK0089)



Action Plan: Macedonia National Action Plan 2016-2018

Action Plan Cycle: 2016

Status: Inactive


Lead Institution: Ministry of Information Society and Administration

Support Institution(s): Ministry of Information Society and Administration; Center For Change Management (CCM), Metamorphosis Internet and Society Foundation, Reactor

Policy Areas

Access to Information, Legislation & Regulation, Open Data

IRM Review

IRM Report: Macedonia End-of-Term Report 2016-2018, Macedonia Mid-Term Report 2016-2018

Starred: No

Early Results: Did Not Change

Design i

Verifiable: Yes

Relevant to OGP Values: Access to Information

Potential Impact:

Implementation i



Status quo or problem addressed by the commitment: Presently, there are no developed open data standards in Macedonia and each institution publishes data in accordance with its technical capacities. Accordingly, it happens that related data sets of different structure and description are published by different institutions. Main objective: Establishment of open data standards to provide standardized data sets publication by institutions and their easier processing and use. Brief description of commitment: Development of open data standards at least in the standard definition of meta data and open data. OPG challenge addressed by the commitment: Creation of a convenient environment for easier identification, processing and consummation of the published data sets. Reference to the global objectives of sustainable development: Reference to the Objective 16. “Peace, justice and strong institutions” Target 16.7: Ensuring representative decision making at all levels, to address the issues, based on involvement and participation of all stakeholders. The measures of this commitment contribute for more quality decision making by the policy creators, based on consultations with all stakeholders. Relevance: According to the Law on public sector data use, institutions in the Republic of Macedonia are obliged to publish open data in a computer-readable format in compliance with their technical capacities. Presently, the portal provides 154 data sets, and this number is expected to increase eventually. Therefore, development of open data standards has become a necessity in order to facilitate access to information, as well as for published data sets identification and use. Standards development would make data set more accessible for the citizens, easier for development of certain open data based applications and increase public responsibility of institutions. Ambition: This commitment includes development of open data standards for facilitated open data identification and use. This will allow citizens easier identification of data of their concern and to monitor their timely updating.

IRM End of Term Status Summary

For Commitment details, please see the IRM reports: Macedonia Mid-Term Report 2016-2018 and Macedonia End-of-Term Report 2016-2018


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