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Ozurgeti, Georgia

  • Member Since 2020
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Current Action Plan

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Ozurgeti joined OGP as part of the 2020 cohort. They are currently implementing three commitments from their 2023 – 2025 action plan.

This action plan features commitments related to public service delivery, anti-corruption and integrity, and civic participation.


Nana Tavdumadze Head of Staff, Ozurgeti Municipality Assembly
Levan Khintibidze Executive Director, Democratic Development Union of Georgia
Tamar Ghlonti Institute for Change and Innovation
Mindia Salukvadze Center for Innovations and Civic Development “Progress House”



  1. Three-Year Report: EU for Integrity for the Eastern Partnership

    2024, Web page

  2. Action plan – Ozurgeti, Georgia, 2023 – 2025

    2023, Action Plan, Web page

  3. Final Learning Exercise- Action Plan 2021 – Ozurgeti

    2023, Final Learning Exercise, Web page

  4. End of Commitment Report – Ensure equal access to public service for the vulnerable groups and improve response to their needs in Ozurgeti Municipality

    2023, End of Commitment Report, Web page

  5. End of Commitment Report – Improvement of Corruption Risk Management in the Ozurgeti Municipality

    2023, End of Commitment Report, Web page

  6. End of Commitment Report – Improve Public Finance Management processes in Ozurgeti Municipality through inclusive and active participation

    2023, End of Commitment Report, Web page

  7. Inception Report – Action plan – Ozurgeti, Georgia, 2021 – 2021

    2022, Inception Report, Web page

  8. IRM Snapshot: Locally-Focused Commitments in the Eastern Partnership Region

    2022, Web page

  9. Action plan – Ozurgeti, Georgia, 2021 – 2021

    2021, Action Plan, Web page

  10. Ozurgeti – Letter of Support

    2021, Letter, Web page

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