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Statement from the Co-Chairs of the OGP Steering Committee on Ukraine

We unequivocally condemn the unjustified and unprovoked attack on Ukraine, a member of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) since 2011, and we call on all of the open government community to do the same strongly and in the swiftest terms.  

As a member of OGP, Ukraine has taken bold steps to strengthen their democracy, and modernize their country. Model reforms have been implemented in public procurement, beneficial ownership transparency, and sale of public assets. This work has been built on a robust partnership between government, civil society, and media. It has set an example that many in OGP strive to follow in their own efforts. 

Reformers in and out of government in Ukraine have repeatedly displayed courage and resilience in the face of coercion and threats. We stand in solidarity with them and all Ukrainians now as they face an invasion intended to quell their hopes, replace those who lead their open, democratic institutions and unravel all the work done to make Ukrainian democracy work better for its citizens.

As a Partnership, we must do all we can to support and protect Ukraine.


Signed by the Co-Chairs of the Open Government Partnership

Government of Italy
Aidan Eyakuze, Executive Director of Twaweza East Africa
Government of Estonia
Anabel Cruz, Director of ICD Uruguay

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Serv Wiemers, Executive Director Open State Foundation Reply

We fully support this statement!
Open State Foundation, Amsterdam

Rachid Reply

Je veux participer au open government autant que vise président de l’association les ambassadeurs de solidarité au Maroc

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