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Call for Proposals: Support to Participation and Co-creation of National/Local Action Plans

Deadline March 20, 2018

The OGP Trust Fund is pleased to announce the first Call for Proposals to support participation and co-creation of national/local action plans in 2018. OGP, with the support of development partners and working together with the World Bank, established the OGP Multi-Donor Trust Fund (or the Trust Fund) to support developing countries and local entities that participate in OGP, or intend to become eligible to participate in the OGP. Trust Fund financing will be a resource in creating or implementing national or local led commitments with potentially high impact that lead to increasing government transparency, improving accountability and strengthening citizen engagement and government responsiveness. The Trust Fund will also enable peer learning between OGP members, and the expansion and dissemination of knowledge around the effectiveness and impact of open government reforms.

What are we looking for?

The OGP Trust Fund is open to considering a range of activities that strengthen the co-creation process, this includes activities that seek to:

  • Develop an ambitious OGP action plan with potentially transformative commitments.
  • Strengthen the multi-stakeholder forum to improve ongoing dialogue and quality of engagement between government and civil society.
  • Align OGP action plans with national/local development priorities, including topics not covered in previous OGP plans.
  • Build capacity for open government approaches (transparency, accountability, citizen engagement, etc.) and ownership of the co-creation process.
  • Provide technical support to strengthen the quality of commitments across thematic priorities.
  • Help local civil society actors to build effective coalitions, improve their ability for strategic advocacy, and coordination of their activities.
  • Broaden base to engage new groups, including marginalized groups and local/grassroots actors as well as stakeholders from new parts of the country or regions.
  • Raise awareness of OGP and open government issues through traditional (tv, radio, print) and social media campaigns to increase visibility and expand civic engagement.
  • Take actions to meet OGP’s Participation and Co-Creation standards.

In order to be considered, proposals must demonstrate clearly that:

  • Activities will broaden the participation of governments and civil society – including women’s organizations and organizations representing marginalized or vulnerable groups, and organizations working in remote areas working in remote areas – in the dialogue on open government.
  • The proposed activities are strongly rooted in the national/local context or complement ongoing open government initiatives in the country or local.
  • The civil society main applicant has been working closely with government and other civil society on open government related issues.
  • There is value add of OGP Trust Fund support in the short and long term.
  • The activities will generate relevant recommendations leading to the development and submission of an ambitious OGP action plan.

The Trust Fund supports proposals with activities spanning the course of one year and ranging from a total amount of US$25,000 – US$75,000.  Each proposal, endorsed by the OGP multi-stakeholder forum, will outline a set of activities to be performed by one main civil society organization.

Eligible Civil Society

Given the type of activities undertaken in the co-creation process, civil society organizations will be the main implementing entity although they will be required to work with government on the activities. The main organization applying for support from the OGP Trust Fund will be expected to work with other civil society organizations in the multi-stakeholder forum. The main civil society organization may choose to work in consortia with other organizations with complementary technical capacity, outreach capacity and influence. Civil society applying for funding must provide proof of legal status in one of the OGP participating countries.

How to Apply

  • The Application Package consists four parts. Each must be completed for the proposal to be considered.
  1. Application Form – this form, composed of (i) Technical Proposal and (ii) Financial Proposal, serves to provide background and rationale for the request for funding and to ensure that selected applicants meet the Bank’s technical and fiduciary standards, are engaged in the OGP process, and have relevant experience in open government.
  2. Firm Qualification Questionnaire – Under the World Bank Group Vendor Eligibility Policy, only vendors found to be responsible are eligible to be awarded World Bank Group contracts. This Questionnaire ensure that main applicants are eligible to enter into an agreement with the World Bank.
  3. Endorsement Letter from the multi-stakeholder forum signed by a government official and civil society leads – this letter demonstrates there is agreement by OGP actors in the national or local the co-creation activities and who will be the main applicant responsible for carrying them out.
  4. Copy of the legal status of civil society applicants.
  • Proposals may be submitted in English, Spanish or French.
  • For more information and to submit your applications, please contact your Support Unit representative and Aichida Ul-Aflaha at

Please review the OGP Trust Fund Application Guidelines for details about how to apply, eligibility requirement, selection criteria and selection process.

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