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Portrait of Alvaro Herrero

Alvaro Herrero

Undersecretary of Strategic Management and Institutional Quality, General Secretariat and International Relations

Alvaro Herrero is a governance, transparency and rule of law expert with extensive experience in Latin America.  He has worked at the national and international level with NGOs and international organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank, the Inter-American Dialogue and IFES. He also served as a consultant in UNDP, USAID, IDB and World Bank projects in more than fifteen countries in Latin America. He was Executive Director of the Association for Civil Rights and served in the board of the Public Policies Lab and Poder Ciudadano. Currently, he is Under Secretary for Strategic Management and Institutional Quality at the government of Buenos Aires City. He holds a law degree (Universidad Nacional de La Plata), a master’s degree in Latin American Studies (Georgetown University) and a PhD in Political Science (University of Oxford).

Authored Content

OGP as a Framework for Change: The Experience of Buenos Aires

The launching of the Subnational Pioneer Pilot Program within OGP in early 2016 was a significant step forward in the global open government agenda. While born within countries, cities and local governments are especially well positioned to make open government…

Open Cities: Buenos Aires to host the Open Government Regional Meeting of Subnational Governments

Version en español » Buenos Aires is one of 15 cities that participate in the subnational pilot program of the Open Government Partnership, a network that promotes co-creation between civil society and government through citizen participation, collaboration and transparency, ultimately…

Challenges and Aspirations of the Subnational Pilot Program in Buenos Aires

The Regional Meeting in Montevideo marked a milestone in the history of the Open Government Partnership: for the first time four local governments from Latin America officially participated – Buenos Aires, Argentina; Jalisco, Mexico; La Libertad, Peru; and San Paulo,…

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