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Open Cities: Buenos Aires to host the Open Government Regional Meeting of Subnational Governments

Ciudades abiertas: Buenos Aires será sede del Encuentro Regional de Entidades Subnacionales por el Gobierno Abierto

Alvaro Herrero|

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Buenos Aires is one of 15 cities that participate in the subnational pilot program of the Open Government Partnership, a network that promotes co-creation between civil society and government through citizen participation, collaboration and transparency, ultimately aiming at improving the lives of citizens.

The Government of Buenos Aires will host the first meeting of Latin American cities members of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), a network of 70 countries focusing on government openness through collaboration between civil society and the State that, starting on April 2016, incorporated 15 pilot cities. The first Open Government Regional Meeting of Subnational Governments will take place on November 10th at the Centro Metropolitano de Diseño.

The event is hosted by the Government of Buenos Aires (@gcba) and Mexico’s National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Data Protection (@INAImexico), with support of CAF (@AgendaCAF). Participants include stakeholders from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Mexico and Peru, members of the Subnational Government Pilot Program, and other experts.

“Earlier this year, Buenos Aires was selected as the only city in Argentina to participate in this pilot program that seeks to secure concrete commitments by local governments to promote transparency and accountability, empower citizens, and work with civil society to strengthen democracy. Being a member of OGP represents an acknowledgement of the City’s efforts on open government”, said Alvaro Herrero, Undersecretary of Strategic Management and Institutional Quality of Buenos Aires.

Through this program, participating cities commit to making their administrations more transparent, participative and collaborative. To this end, cities establish forums for co-creation where civil society organizations and public collaboratively identify problems and solutions, and thus draft an open government National Action Plan that is agreed upon in consensus.

Public officials, experts and civil society members will discuss the use and potential of open government tools to solve concrete issues at the local level. They will also address the progress Latin American cities have made on their OGP National Action Plans, and examine civic innovation and the role of the new technologies to strengthen local governments and improve the lives of citizens, as well as outlining regional goals around open government.

Finally, the City of Buenos Aires will discuss progress on its National Action Plan. The final draft will be presented in Paris the first week of December at the OGP Global Summit.

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