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Portrait of Anna Romandash

Anna Romandash

Anna Romandash is a journalist and social media expert from Ukraine. She was named Media Freedom Ambassador for Ukraine in 2015 for freedom of expression reporting. Anna works for a European Youth Press as a project manager and reports on international events related to human rights, data, and media. She is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

Authored Content

OGP Needs To Strengthen Citizen Engagement With Civil Groups and Governments

OGP lobbies for more inclusiveness on both the governmental and social level; yet how does an initiative this big ensures it stays inclusive itself? The challenge begins with uniting various groups working on different themes, and ends with involving the…

Inclusion, Participation, and Impact Are the Top Priorities of OGP’s Next Co-Chair

Canada is getting ready to be the next OGP co-chair, and will be hosting the Global Summit next year. The national government has included open government into its agenda, and is working on promoting more digital tools and inclusiveness throughout…

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