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Arpine Photo

Arpine Hakobyan

President, ''NGO Center'' Civil Society Development NGO

Experienced manager, CSO sector expert, researcher, impact assessment specialist of development projects, certified trainer.

Ms. Arpine Hakobyan has 20 years of professional management experience in the non-profit sector. Being a manager and later a president of “NGO Center” Civil Society Development NGO, she has coordinated numerous projects in institutional capacity building, and community development and advocacy sectors. The organization she leads occupies a leading position in the field of civil society is one of the leading nongovernmental organizations in Armenia that plays also a unique role in the country’s development processes. She is a skilled, devoted, mentally and motivating leader who is capable of forming a collaborative and committed team.

Ms. Hakobyan is a qualified specialist in Social Sciences. As a sociologist and professional researcher, she has a long term of conducting assessments and surveys. She has designed and conducted a number of surveys and assessments, as well as impact evaluations of various international projects and public policy analyses.Some of the public policy analysis she has conducted served as the basis for designing reform programs inArmenia.

Arpine Hakobyan also plays a major role in generation education. Currently she is a lecturer at the Faculty of International Relations of Yerevan State University. For seven years she has also been a lecturer at the short term learning center operated by the Department of Sociology in Vanadzor. As a certified trainer, she has about 20 years of work experience in non-formal education field. The areas of concentration include need assessment and research methods, proposal writing and logical framework, fundraising, leadership and strategic planning, social work, monitoring and evaluation, social media, community mobilization, management, etc.

During the last two years, she has also initiated and successfully managed a social enterprise (TUC-Tourism Unique Center), which is an effective community development model with business approaches and ideology of social impact.

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