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Helen Turek

Helen joined the Open Government Partnership Support Unit in 2016 and worked for the Country Support Team, including as Europe’s regional lead, until June 2023.

Prior to joining OGP, Helen worked at Transparency International Secretariat where she managed projects related to political corruption. She focused on lobbying reform, aiming to bring greater transparency and ethics to political influence activities. She holds a BA in Russian and French and an MA in Politics, Security and Integration, both from University College London. Helen is based in Berlin, Germany.

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How Can We Get EU Recovery Right?

OGP brought together EU officials, national governments and civil society representatives, gathering three actionable ideas that European leaders can adopt for a strong, inclusive, and sustainable recovery.

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Five Ways to Embed Open Gov Values in Online Political Advertising Regulation

In today’s digital age, elections are won, lost and called into question over social media. With little to no system of checks and balances in place for political parties, candidates, online actors and platforms, tech companies can spell out their own rules for political advertising...

Europe Webinar Screen Grab + Map

Open Response + Open Recovery: Conversations with Europe’s Open Gov Community

Read how Europe's open government community is leveraging the OGP platform during the pandemic and tackling the challenges it poses to civic space.

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