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Helen Turek

Helen joined the Open Government Partnership Support Unit in 2016 and worked for the Country Support Team, including as Europe’s regional lead, until June 2023.

Prior to joining OGP, Helen worked at Transparency International Secretariat where she managed projects related to political corruption. She focused on lobbying reform, aiming to bring greater transparency and ethics to political influence activities. She holds a BA in Russian and French and an MA in Politics, Security and Integration, both from University College London. Helen is based in Berlin, Germany.

Authored Content

algorithms on computer

Open Algorithms: Experiences from France, the Netherlands and New Zealand

Algorithms - analytical systems that process data and supplement or replace decision-making previously undertaken by people - have become an essential way for governments to improve delivery of public services and implementation of policy...


Tackling corruption: familiar questions, emerging challenges

Corruption has always been a force to contend with. The work done by anti-corruption champions and reformers has made significant progress over time and created new global norms. Yet much remains to be done. Every time a new laundromat scandal…

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