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Mia Katan

Mia Katan

Senior Research Officer

Mia Katan joined the Open Government Partnership in April 2020. As a Senior Research Officer for the Independent Reporting Mechanism, she manages the IRM reporting process for accountability and learning in the Africa and the Middle East region. Mia also oversees training for the IRM researcher network and IRM assessment of OGP rules and standards.

Mia has previously worked as a researcher in the fields of governance and international law, a paralegal at the U.S. Department of Justice, and a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Vietnam. She holds an MA in Governance, Development & Public Policy from the Institute of Development Studies and a BA International & Global Studies and Politics from Brandeis University. (edited)

Authored Content

Zombie portal

Six Questions to Protect Your Transparency Portal from “Zombie” Status

Have you ever searched an online government transparency portal only to find that the vital information you hoped to find is not there or that the portal itself has disappeared? If so, you’re not alone. Over the last decade, the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) has reviewed countless commitments that promise to deliver a transparency portal as the antidote to a wide range of governance challenges.


Ingredients for Extractives Sector Reform

Over the last decade, OGP members have made 159 commitments to make the governance of gas, oil, and mineral extraction more open to the public. Extractive sector reforms are notoriously politically and financially fraught. Yet these commitments achieve stronger early…

OGP Local IRM Blog – Unsplash

Closer to the People: OGP Local Results

See the progress OGP Local members have made over the years and explore lessons learned as we head into a new season of co-creation.

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