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Mia Katan

Mia Katan

Research Officer

Mia Katan joined the Open Government Partnership in April 2020. As a Research Officer for the Independent Reporting Mechanism, she currently conducts research and oversees quality control for assessments of OGP action plans. Mia has previously worked as a researcher in the fields of governance and international law, a paralegal at the U.S. Department of Justice, and a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Vietnam. She holds an MA in Governance, Development & Public Policy from the Institute of Development Studies and a BA International & Global Studies and Politics from Brandeis University.

Authored Content

OGP Local IRM Blog – Unsplash

Closer to the People: OGP Local Results

See the progress OGP Local members have made over the years and explore lessons learned as we head into a new season of co-creation.

A group of people wearing masks and discussing

Don’t Let Cash Slip Away: Strengthening Government Oversight of Stimulus Spending Through Disclosure and Public Participation

Explore why public participation and disclosure are crucial elements for a robust government oversight mechanism. This is the third blog in a limited series on strengthening government oversight of stimulus spending.

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