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New Approaches, New Opportunities: Expanding the Reach of Local Open Government

For OGP to be successful in making governments more transparent, accountable and responsive to citizen needs, it’s imperative that we engage leaders at all levels – including at the local level.

Announcing the Agenda for the OGP Global Summit 2019

Open Government Partnership thrives in its diversity of actors, perspectives, and approaches to opening governments everywhere. In that spirit, co-creating the agenda for every OGP Global Summit and Regional Meeting to reflect the many priorities of all OGP governments, civil…


Faces of Open Gov: Mary Francoli

Mary Francoli is the International Experts Panel (IEP) Chair and Associate Dean, Faculty of Public Affairs, Carleton University You are a chair of the International Experts Panel (IEP), the body overseeing OGP’s Independent Reporting Mechanism. How would you explain the role…

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